Headphone Jack Survey: The Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Headphone Jack Survey, we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

In today’s post, I’m going to dig through the survey to bring you the most interesting findings—make sure you let me know what you think of the results in the comments below :thinking:

Let’s get the least unsurprising finding out of the way first; as expected most of the voters are from the USA and UK (56% and 34% respectively). However, something that caught our eye was that 40% of those who took part are in the 31-40 range, with the next biggest representation being the under 17s with a whole 17%. Any ideas as to why these are the most popular age ranges? And where are all the 22-30 year olds?

One of the most divisive questions of the survey was definitely “Is audio better with the jack?“ with “Yes” just creeping into the lead with 40% of the votes, and “Not Sure” biting at its heels:

Question: Is audio better with the jack?

What do you think? It seems like a good percentage of people are still somewhat on the fence when it comes to differences in sound quality and that’s definitely been reflected in the discussions that have been going on in the comments section of our recent posts.

For me, the most interesting finding was that while a lot of people think audio sounds better with the jack, nearly 50% of you (49% to be exact) wouldn’t go back to wired headphones—signifying a lot of us more tempted by the convenience of wireless headphones than returning to the daily struggle of untangling wired ones.

Question: If flagship phones brought back the jack would you go back to wired?

So what did you say when we asked about Liberty 2 Pro and sound quality? In response to the question: Has Liberty 2 Pro changed your perception of true wireless earbud sound quality? 58% of you haven’t had your perceptions changed because you don’t own a pair of Liberty 2 Pro yet—make sure you grab a pair soon! Of the remaining 42% of respondents, 33% thought that Liberty 2 Pro had changed their perception and just 9% said it hadn’t. And it’s not just the survey which shows people’s expectations of sound quality from true wireless earbuds are changing, check out Major Hifi’s recent review in which they say: “[Liberty 2 Pro’s] sound quality is great on these earbuds. They’re punchy, crispy, and full of details.” Or how about a review on Military which states that Liberty 2 Pro is “the single best listening experience I’ve had at under $200, and that includes in-ear, on-ear and over-ear headphones.”

And finally even though half of those who took part haven’t yet heard Liberty 2 Pro for themselves yet, you’re still more likely to choose Liberty 2 Pro over other headphones, earphones, and earbuds:

Question: How likely are you to choose Liberty 2 Pro over other headphones, earphones, and earbuds?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series, and stay tuned because we’ve got lots more coming your way before the end of the year. I can’t say too much, but it might be a good idea to keep a close eye on YouTube in the coming days. You never know where Liberty 2 Pro might pop up next…:shushing_face:

If you’ve got any theories or ideas, share them in the comments below!


@Hannah I think you got the first two graphs mixed up or they dont represent the percentage mentioned in the article, they are off on all of them


I am just thinking about being a kid and what was popular tech wise during my youth during those years
The 40 to 50 yr old are basically your beginners into the tech revolution when I was baby but it did not gear up more until the next group. The 31-40 are the kids who got to enjoy the tech boom more (ie Nintendo, and Sega and PS). I am not sure of what tech stuff came out during the 90’s (20-30 yr old). They did have the Gameboy. DVD came out but it did not become reasonable until the 20 or younger group. 20 and younger group had ipods as well.

So I not sure of there was any new tech during the 90’s until later in the years. Either that or that time was a blur as those were my college years… LOLOL

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Oooh, I wonder what’s gonna be on YouTube :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Maybe PewDiePie or T series is going to be getting a pair of them :joy:

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Agreed. The charts look nice, but if they’re showing the wrong data, they are useless. They mention 49%, but none of the charts shown are displaying anything at 49%.

The very first chart showed 49%…

It’s mixed up with the second chart… the two need to be switched.

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It looks to me like the first chart shows 39%… am I reading it wrong?


Haha, yeah you’re right. I read it wrong lol. My bad


I am the oldest and a loney one here in Germany! :joy:
I started informatics using punching cards and punch tape.
Now I use bluetooth, what a development.
And I am still up to date ( a little bit :rofl:)

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You were way ahead of your time. :wink: I know folks who do not want to use tech as they fear the unknown. My wife’s grandmother when she was alive would not even use a microwave cause did not want to learn how to use it. LOL

I have slowly been bringing my in laws and parents up to date on electronics


I like the bar graphs, thanks for mini-series on the jack, and the survey results!!

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I had to bring my daughter and son into computer techniques!
Now they are better, but only those “apps” I dont use.


Glad to see everyone else called it out. I kept looking at the charts and thinking, those don’t match the text of the article at all. Probably an easy fix, but not informative at all as is.

In 1992 I was using the first Mac computer. Also using a Winchester 100 pc, so ups n downs!

Had my first mobile in 1993, watched tomorrow’s world, and the gadget show (before all the stupid changes) in 1997 was doing tech support the ministry of defence… Mainly ghosting PC’s and clearing printer logs in shared printers. Windows xp was new and I was learning it! Hahahaha

I don’t think most of my age group (50+) are as savvy as I am… I know the ex wasn’t, and my fiancee isn’t up on it, although she is learning as am I.

Having sold my soul, I’ve gotten a very good fiber deal n TV with sky on that Q thing, but only having a smartphone, won’t be maximising it’s potential.

The quality issue £/£ or $/$ I think wired headsets were better. As a £30 pair of headphones got you a decent pair, where as now £30 gets you cheap tws with tinny sound.

Although the life P2, at £50 (depending on offer) I think offer a fantastic package and sound, and are extremely hard to beat for price bracket n type. … Review to appear later

Graphene Vs neonydium (spelling) graphene is a crisper sound and handles bass far better. To not get that as a basic on your earbuds is a mistake, as the sound will suffer, or you’ll end up with big earbuds trying to squeeze the sound down your ear!

So although sound quality is better now, people 40+ hark back to nice wired earphones and simple styles of clamp on cans, but it’s a flawed memory!

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My parents have always been very on top of things as well - but now in their 60+, starting to slow down on keeping up with the latest and greatest. I think I see the writing on the wall for me, but not yet.

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I don’t think I’d bore of new tech, I just can’t afford it all!

Back many moons ago, I had the money but nothing really around then.

Now there’s all these lovelies, and I just get disability money! GGGRRR :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

charts updated :upside_down_face:

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Haha thanks @Hannah much better and easier to read seeing it fixed now. I thought my .ind was playing games and confusing me as I read and looked at the graphs.

I love that the majority is us older folks and younger ones care about sound quality. The middle crowd is too busy trying to figure out life to worry about sound quality.