Headphone Jack Survey: The Results

Hahahaha :wink: too good

Something good is coming! :smiley:


You just re-emanated my interest. Hmmm. So interesting

Lol they are on YouTube n posting meme. Unless they are on Soundcore or Anker posting comments. :wink:

Oh right, those are the ones who thought it was smart to eat tide pods and post videos of them doing it. Smh

What’s wrong with eating tide pods? There colorful, so they must taste good- like candy… right? :roll_eyes:


I agree with you on that. That was my era. I grow up in the 80s and 90s.

For me its what I’m use to and prefer the option even though I mostly wireless now. I have to AUX port in only one car now.

Interesting results. I would have thought more would say more would prefer the no jack over having the option. Thanks for sharing the results @Hannah

They should take part here.
Keeps them young, same as me! :smile:

Grat to you all. Looks like several got your points transferred. Wish I would have kept more active in Anker but mostly came to read the different post. Plus was real active in Erewards back then.

Grrrh. Not what I wanted.

You are only as young as you feel, right?

Exactly! :smiley:

I feel like even though Liberty Pro 2 is really pushing the bar, I’d still prefer the return of the 3.5mm some day.

In the 70th I first have a game with “tennis” = ° ` | ° and a gun to shooting ducks on the TV :wink: Then came the computer ZX Spectrum with 8 bit in the late 70th or maybe beginning of the 80th :smiley: