Health benefits to listening to music- USA Today

As I was looking at an articles from the USA online paper, I came across an article that is appropriate to our fitness category. I like the one benefit of listening to classical music and it helping sleep quality. It makes me thing that @Techman and @Chiquinho must sleep like babies and make me think I need to start listening to it a little more than I normally do. :wink:

So with that lets get on our earbuds, jam out, reduce stress and sleep like babies. :smile:

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I legitimately do sleep like a baby. I fall asleep within 10 minutes, and don’t wake up until around 7 naturally, or at my alarm.

Ironically enough I usually listen to classical music before I go to sleep.

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I have to switch between video gaming and music most days. Most times I enjoy listening to music at work to help make the day go by faster and drown out ambient noise. I will then go home and tend to play a few video games to relief the stress of work. I will switch station at work depending on what I am doing such as turning it to some faster songs if I have a time crunch to get some stuff done to motivate me to go faster.

It may be partly why I have never had a headache before.

LOL Plus I am glad you sleep like a baby at least one of us do is LOL

It s a good discussion topic.

Music is very good and has soothing effects on mind, listening to positive music makes you happy, just by listening for about 10~15 min, changes your mood.

But listening via the headsets all the time, is something which does not help all the time.

Music needs to be played over speakers, and usually the water waves, rain sounds, fire crackling, these are some good examples, I play them all the time, while I work and dont have any calls.

My office has white noise generators across desks, helping users focus on work, and has positive results, users like them

White noise machine would be nice. I have hear others conversations. Well if I did not play my radio/music.

I am listening quasi the whole day to music
Classical, Portuguese Fado and Swing sometimes.
I depends on my mood.
I have a real huge collection so I can change.

At the moment : DAB+ Radio : Mozart flute concerto N.2 K314.
That’s nice to wake up and have a coffee. :grinning:

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