Health effects?

Does anyone know if there is any research on potential health effects of wireless earphones?

Haven’t seen anything yet, but who knows what they may find in the coming years…

Perhaps it’s not even just Bluetooth earphones but all the wireless signals we’re constantly around.

There definitely will be something which will come out in some years… Bluetooth is still a Kind-of-wireless And continuous exposure while wearing may have some side effects… But for now since there are is no data now, enjoy with whatever Bluetooth or wireless headsets you have.

My wife found studies that 5g and other wireless signals from cellphones and other wireless devices including bluetooth may over time cause cancer and other harmful effects on humans.

She’s worries about my usuage because I am on my phone, tablet, and computers 12+ hrs a day and have bluetooth speakers or headsets running all day.

If used at high volume you might get deaf! :rofl:

There are so many other sources you might get sick from.
eg food, beverages, air polution etc.

May be if you use your mobile all day long, but who does?

I’m not too worried about it. They do testing on these signals and don’t let them get dangerously high, so we should all be fine.

I’m honestly not all that worried.

Of course you should not! :smiley:

I’m more concerned about holding the cell phone up to my head than the possible ramifications of using wireless headphones.

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I connect Icon Mini to my iPhone and Laptop (for office softphone) for all my conference calls for last couple of months, and use it as handsfree speakerphone while I work at home…

so this minimizes whatever radiations are there.

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That’s my plan too…When I get one Soundcore Bluetooth speaker eventually…
I was waiting for it to win during a giveaway or a PowerDraw but still dreaming as of now…:joy:

That’s nothing…

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Does Soundcore have any earbuds with cords (non wireless)?

Wireless technologies create radiation. Too much of radiation is bad for the human body.

An interesting read:

I remember Soundbuds Verve.
But I dont know if those are still available.