Health effects?

Good article! It looks like we need to be more concerned about the phones we hold near our bodies, but we can’t write off Bluetooth and Wifi completely.

If you havent already, tell her to take a trip to California, there everything causes cancer.

So they all might be hypochondriacs over there ! :rofl:

Ha @Shenoy isn’t a doctor but he plays one on TV. :laughing:

I think pretty much everything kills you. “Life causes death” as a friend of mine once said. Which isn’t to say that you should not take care of your health. I means, it’s pretty obvious that you should exercise, drink water, and eat vegetables, but everything else is kind of a wash. we like to pretend we know everything but we don’t Even, and perhaps especially, our doctors.

I think we would have seen people suffering from something by now though right? We have been using BT for years…

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You can’t see bluetooth so it has to be fine, right?! :thinking:

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Must be safe then👍

I see mine when I remove my teeth!


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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Bluetooth waves did have side effects on you :smile:

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Yes I am sure, but this is the only special characteristic visible.
The others are hidden in the brain.

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