HearID -no tones. Other sounds are fine

When performing the HearID customization, we are not getting any tones on one of our phones. Music apps and the fit test all produce rich, loud sound. On another phone, the hearID works fine.
Same earbuds, same android version, both pixel phones although one is 4a and one 4a5g. HearID works on 4a, not on 4a5g.

Any thoughts were we should look first?

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Strange issue. If you can hear music Sound ID should work as well. Incompatability with phone model?

Its got me perplexed, because the soundcore app plays the little tune fine for the earpiece tip fit test. I would think that if something was incompatible, nothing in the app would make sounds.

I would contact service@soundcore.com for potential resolution.

Same issue for me. Everything works fine for me but I hear nothing on the HearID test.

Liberty Air 2 Pro
Pixel 5a

The issue is not with the phones but with the latest app version which is version 2.8.1 , try using the old version 2.8.0 which should solve the HearID no tones thing , i too faced the similar issue and downgraded the app version to 2.8.0 and it worked perfectly…

Thanks for the suggestion. But - how do I downgrade to a previous version? I don’t see that as an option.
However, looks like they updated to 2.8.2 over the weekend. Haven’t had time to test on the 4a5g yet. Hopefully that fixes it. Know where I can see the change log?

If you google for soundcore app apk you’ll find a couple of sites that mirror older versions … whether that helps is another matter… try resetting the buds (button on the charge case) and clearing out the app (go into app settings and storage, clear data & cache … might help

I would also try to make sure you do the one test to make sure you have a good earbud seal to your ear. If it is not, you may want to try different ear tips to get that appropriate seal.

I have those and using them and will try to do a test again and see if it is an issue for me as well.

I have no issue on the test myself.