Heart Rate Sensor/monitor

I have been researching the best earbuds for my lifestyle for a few months now, looking to make a longterm investment. When I bought my last phone, i came across the Samsung IconX at the store and did some research on them. The 1st generation had heart rate sensors built in and I was very interested in getting them. Thats when i found that the store only had the 2nd gen (I was going to get 50% off of 1 accessory with my phone purchase). Back to the researching for me.
Does anyone else have interest in heart rate sensors in ear?
Does Soundcore have any plans of adding this to any models??

Woah that’s next level. probably more accurate than a wrist watch. Eufy Life already has come health products, they could do a soundcore / eufy collaboration.

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That’s the problem with my Galaxy watch, it is never tight enough or in the right position to read correctly. An earbud would solve that problem!

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Heh yeah I have a galaxy sport and it always tells me I’m asleep during meetings :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Heart rate sensor?


Will this tell you when you are death? :rofl:

There should be a feature waking you up by a an electric shock! :rofl:

Hahaha My watch thinks I am dead sometimes I think when it’s not on tight enough. I expect it will display a skull eventually.

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Will the watch follow you into death?
A real faithful electronic slave and friend! :rofl:

I have the Gear S3 and I never had issues with it reading my heart rate or it telling me I’m asleep. But then again I have a really big wrist so my watch never moves unless I use my magnetic mesh band, All other bands fit nice and snug.

But I would like to see a heart rate sensor and even a voice translator built in at some point

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Straight and Blunt Answer - heart rate monitors are good on wrist hands, which can be worn all day and easy to observe. Apple Watch does this to some extent (does pretty good job)… cannot comment much on the other models… but I think if there are models with headphones / earphones, then these need to be integrated into iOS / Android core,

Also to consider - does anyone wear the headphones 24x7 ? I dont think so… only thing that may be worn all the time (except while charging) is on wrist or a chain or a ring… not a headphone.

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Pulse is easy to get.

But it is not possible to integrate blood pressure measuring device.
This would be a phantastic feature.
But of course can not be integrated in sucha watch.

Actually they already have the capability to measure blood pressure through a watch. The big one out now is the Cardiac Watch as it not only measures but continually monitors your blood pressure and heart beat for arrhythmia

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Do you really think that works?
How does this work, comparing to other blood pressure devices?
Where is the cuff, the pump?
I would not trust.

I got it:

"The device is designed to provide the user a mathematically based estimate on the users systolic and diastolic measurements. "

Thats pure nonsense!

You may say it’s pure nonsense but the fact that the these watches ha e t ok be FDA approved shows how much testing goes into them for accuracy. Samsungs new watch does this as well by use of the PPG sensor that also measures your heart rate and uses the Oscillometric method of measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressures. So yes I do trust them and the accuracy of certain ones.

Exactly! some crazy algorithm to determine a physical measurement. Can’t be that accurate.

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Have you ever checked such a watch, Rob?
Comparing the results of such a watch to a real
blood pressure device?

I have tested those real blood pressure devices using the cuff on the upper arm to those which take the wrist.

Those wrist ones show very unsteady results.
Would be never used by phycisians.
So what about that watch?
An algorithm?

And to play around with wrong blood pressure data is more than fatal.

I have tested the watch against a machine and it was just a slight difference. Same goes for taking your reading multiple times as it will be different each time.

I do plan on buying Samsung’s new watch as it had this function built in and giving my Gear S3 to my wife. But I gotta get back to work first.

That’s the problem I have with mine too. I had to change over to a magnetic band for it to fit right.

My wrist is10.15 inches around, took me forever to find a band that fits. With the magnetic one I can at least put it on my wrist and thread the band through the loop.