Help me please someone

How do I sync my phone to my soundcore flare in this app I can’t figure it out lol

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Are you sure you connected the flare with your phone via bluetooth?

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Make sure your Flare has app support

The Flare does, but say the original not-updated Flare Mini doesn’t. Should say so on the box if app support.

Next pair the Flare with your phone. Then when Flare is connected, launch the app. It will probably automatically find the Flare, if not Add Device

That should work. If not then manually add device

If that still doesn’t work then chances are your pairing didn’t work. Reboot phone, see if works. If not delete/forget your pairing and try again, if not works then reset. Manual etc and a link to reset below


I know I created that one thread that is similar to what the Professor’s comment.

Although I have not looked yet but you would think the help part of the site would make one generic video for how to connect it or one for each on how to connect


Did you ever get it figured out? I thought at one time the Flare Mini wasn’t App supported, but truth be told, I’ve never had any variation of the Flares.

Correct, the Flare Mini doesn’t have app support. The Flare Mini (Upgraded) does.

There are two versions.
A 3167011 and A3167012 as far I see on my boxes.
I suppose the xxxxx12 is the newer one,

Never tried connecting the speakers with the app, because there is no need for me.