Help! My Soundcore Life 20Q headset is making a buzzing noise that wont stop!

My Soundcore Life 20Q headset is making this loud, buzzing noise. I tried to turn it off, but I can’t turn it off, no matter how long I hold down the off button. I tried to turn it down, but it won’t turn down or turn up. It just keeps making this loud noise.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this? If so, what did you do?
I’m planning on just waiting for the battery to die out and see if that does the trick.

Do not have them but is this with or without the cord? I think sometimes if the cord is messed up or not properly in the head set it could cause a buzz. I even had a couple that I had replaced and since it was not the original cord, it had a little buzz to them.

But from your info, I am assuming that you may be wireless.

I am using it as a wireless headset.

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I would take a min and try to plug it into a power source for a second to try to turn it off and if not unplug it again.

I would probably contact the service department as I would not want to have the headphones buzzing for so many hours as you are waiting for it to go dead. If they last for hours upon ours, it could take forever to run the battery down. If you try to play it and it is buzzing to run it down, it could be causing headset damage if the buzzing is loud enough.

Plus they may have a trick of how we may not know about.

I have not done that yet. I will attempt to do that and tell you my results.

One last thing that I can think of is to check your buttons and make sure that one of them are not stuck due to a bad button issue or say lint.

What became of this issue? I am literally two hours in to using my brand new Q20 phones and they started making the same deafening buzz as you described. Additionally, none of the buttons will respond or power these down. What a disappointment!

Hi there, I have just had the same issue. Reading through the replies I saw someone suggested plugging it in to the plug socket as if you would charging it. This immediately fixed my headphones and they’re now fixed and working like normal. Definitely would recommend trying this.