HELP! Need LARGER ear wings for Life Dot 2 NC True Wireless Earbuds


I’m struggling to keep these earbuds in my ears. They haven’t sustained any damage yet, but I’m really concerned that will happen. Even the largest included ear wings do not make contact so as to brace them in place. Does anyone know of a source for larger wing tips that will work with these earbuds? TIA.

Check with I am not sure of other earbuds that would work.

Check with support. They are the only ones that can help you out if its possible to get a larger set.

Thanks. Will do.

Hello, did you find any solution? I’ve been thinking about 3d printing bigger wings.
beacuse the support told me that they dont have some bigger wings and i cannot return it since the case have so much scratches :frowning:

Yeah, I always like it when people tell us whether or not they found a solution. That way if the problem pops up again, we know what to say.

I do not remember any. Since the ear wings are not big enough, you may can try to do bigger eartips per say to compensate for ear connection. I think they try to make it for certain ear canals but some folks may have other types of ears… So may want to see even if it would be viable to just make a bigger one as it may need to be made a little differently…

I think the solution could be to seach bigger earwings from the third party

Hello, sorry I’m late getting back to this. After spending time looking for a set of wings that would work, I gave up. These buds are sitting in their original packaging in a drawer of my desk at home. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.