Help please liberty-neo

Hi, just bought my liberty-neo but they won’t pair with my LG g4 phone, they did pair with my wife’s samsung a5 any help would be appreciated.

Make sure that the bluetooth is turned off in your wife’s phone. Or delete the bluetooth profile from her phone and then try to bbn pair it to your phone. What may have been happening is that it connects to hers before you even get a chance to bbn pair it to your phone

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I agree with @Tank. If you paired her first then follow his instructions to delete her link to the Neos. I would also make sure they are close to your device when pairing. It probably not needed but I like to reduce any issue that it could encounter

This happens to my car if my girlfriend gets in seconds before I do. Really annoying. I had to stop opening the door for her :joy:

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I made the mistake of pairing my wife’s phone to my aftermarket radio and everytime she was close it would switch from mine to hers. Aggravated me to no end, I ended up deleting her phone and only ha e mine set to it now. I also put a lock code so no one else can pair to it, so annoying


I had an LG G4, I’m surprised it still works. My had nothing but issues with Bluetooth. I found that newer Bluetooth technologies created more issues than with older devices.

I would do as the others suggested and remove the pairing from your wife’s phone. On your phone make sure its update (I don’t think LG is supporting this phone with updates anymore) or get the most current one that is available available.

Close and force shutdown if needed to all your apps, remove any unneeded paired devices, turn off your bluetooth/restart it and then restart your phone. Once restarted try and pair the Neos. These are the steps I had to follow when trying to add some newer Bluetooth devices last year when I still used mine. There were times, it took this process several tries to make it work.

If it doesn’t work contact support.

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Thanks for the respnce everybody what I had too do was clear my bluetooth cache and presto it paired thanks again all.

Glad you got it figured out and working.

The Liberty Neo is a great product for it’s price. Totally satisfied with mine. :+1:

I’m waiting for Tank’s review though of the Liberty 2 Pro…I’d like to see how the Neo stacks up against them (aside from the apparent hiss issues).

Thanks for reminding me, I’ll get it done this weekend.

Thanks awesome sound love mine

No hiss issues with mine love them :+1:

Ja ja. :smiley:
So I kept all my working old items.
Never changed
(With the apple Pods and Pads, there is NO chance to install an updated OS)
The old LENOVO I use is able to catch BT 5.0…

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