Help raveparty cast

I own the raveparty cast speaker. It worked great I loved it. Recently took it to the lake, kept it in the shade on the dock. Worked well all weekend until rhe last day I went to turn on the speaker and everything works but music wont play, says its playing but no sound comes out. Help

Usual recommendation for any issue is reset and reboot everything. Find out how to reset your Rave Party (in manual, search) , and delete the pairing you made and reboot what you paired.

If you model is A3391 then implies reset via a reset hole?

If reset doesn’t cure the issue, the next most probable thing is your broadcasting device (phone) has multiple volume settings locations and one of them has accidentally gone down (media, total, app).

Finally, if a reset hasn’t cured it, and thoroughly checking for user error in the phone has found no issue, then email describing problem, the fixes attempted done already, proof of purchase and serial number.


Eliminate the device… if you have a different device you can try to connect it to the speaker and if it works then it may be phone vs if both devices do not work and then it wod be more of the device


@courtney.tinsley1618 Sorry to hear about your issue. In your case, I’m wondering whether you try to put it in a dry place for a longer period and test it with a different device or audio source? Please also make sure the volume on both the speaker and the paired device is turned up. If your issue remains, you can drop an email to they can investigate this for you ASAP.