HELP solid red light on soundcore flare

Hey everyone , so I just bought a new beautiful soundcore flare, and I noticed that the solid red is showing when the device charging but also after plugging it off, and hence it takes some minutes for it to power on ( the solid red light is still showing ).
Is it normal please ?? I still have warranty

How long did you charge the speaker?
What kind of charger did you use?
It is possible for you to take another charger/cable?

Normally the red light should turn off, when the speaker is fully charged.

If the issue still remains you should contact the support

You left the wrong email @Chiquinho :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I went ahead and fixed it for you :+1:

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Racking up points

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Do I need to let the speaker charge till it’s fully charged to use it ??
I use the cable that they gave me in the box and I plugg it to my ps4
The problem is that when it’s charging it’s red but also when I unplugg it it stays red

When charging you should wait until that steady red light disappears at the speaker

This is the indication the speaker is fully charged but of course insure that the charger is working.
If this never happens you should try a reset of the speaker.
You will find the “how to” in the net.

I would probably use a charging plug or other charging device to charge it. I would think that the ps4 should be able to charge it but I would try to charge it via an alternate power source.

I know with my PS4 that I have to make sure that I clean it out often as it tends to gather dust. If you have not cleaned yours out, you may want to clean it and blow out the usb ports. It could be that lint/dust has gathered and may have affected the charging of the Flare.

If you have a flare, can you please tell me : does the red light disapear as soon as you unplug the device ?
Because mine stays red even when I unplugg it

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I have the flare, and it turns off when I unplug it…

Can we videocall ??

Sorry, but I really don’t feel comfortable doing that.

My last suggestion is to use the app, and see if you are on the latest firmware version of the speaker.

Have you tried contacting They usually respond within 48hrs, and are very helpful in these situations.

Thank you so much for all your responses

After you disconnect the speaker from the charger the red light should disappear.

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