Help with the app

How do you get to the update firmware, switch ANC mode, and activate Siri on this app. This app is very confusing to me.

Ask the support, they are happy to help you, because its their job.

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It should not be too bad.

If you are connected to the app, you should just have the device functionality on the main screen.

Updates and other functionality may be under a cog wheel that may give the ability for updates or to turn functionality on and off such as ANC.

Siri is not a really a functionality that is turned on. Usually the device should have a default functionality to access the devices assistance program. If I had to just guess, hold either the right or left of the device for over 2 seconds to activate. If not touch then hold a button for 2 seconds. App should have functionality to change up some of the controls…

If you still have trouble it may be something to contact support for help

PS If you do have issues, it is easier to help potentially if we know which device you are using…