Here's Your Backstage Pass

Just a few days ago LÜM announced the 160 independent artists who will make up the 32 teams in the competition and compete for $25,000! Check it out HERE (and while you’re there you can find links to all the playlists and have a listen to their tracks).

Over the course of the competition, we’re going to be going backstage to get to know the Coast to Coast crew. We’ll be interviewing the Captains and some of the artists on upcoming episodes of the Soundcore Stories podcast, and we’ve got some livestreams planned where you’ll be able to watch the artists in action.

:arrow_right: Head over to our new Backstage page HERE to check out all the latest updates.

:arrow_right: Subscribe and listen to the podcast here: Apple, Spotify, Web Browser.

And if you want to listen to the artists taking part, you can listen to the Coast to Coast playlists for each city on the Soundcore and LÜM apps. You can then vote for your favorites in the LÜM app.

But, that’s not all…

We’re releasing a very special edition of Liberty Air 2 Pro to celebrate Coast to Coast! When you purchase a pair, you can select your favorite artist taking part in the competition and they’ll get $20 worth of Notes in the LÜM app to use. It’s another awesome way to show your support for independent artists :musical_note: :notes:

Which region or city do you want to win? And after listening to their tracks, which artists stand out to you? Let’s chat in the comments :point_down:


Will check the artists. Have no favorite region at the moment


Those LÜM LA2P’s look awesome; I’ll have to see if I can get a pair.

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oooo the custom LA2P look nice. Very well done as always

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Nice way to help a LUM artist in the process.

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Hello @Hannah

Pleased to hear these songs are going to be in the SoundCore app.
Any idea when they will be added - I cannot see them?

The LUM app unfortunately isn’t available in the UK and the SoundCore app is the easiest way to access a selection from LUM.


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I am a finalist in Team Pennsylvania! I’d love your vote and if you’d listen to my music!

Team Pennsylvania!!!

Looks like I’ll be binging LUM this weekend instead of ‘Flix…

Looking forward to a very eclectic and diverse set of talent, and no current thoughts as to which region is going to win…

Hope voting will work outside of the app, as app is US only I believe…

Good luck to all