Hi everyone, so what you using to get the best listening experience?

So, after accidentally breaking my LP3s after them falling down the toilet, I decided to turn them into comfort and noticing Soundcore had just brought out the Space Q45 model. I went for them.

In actually fact it was El Jefe that got me in this direction after listening to his reviews. I know a guy who knows his music when I see one. Although I probably won’t be into the same music as him, I noticed he can assess the hardware quite thoroughly. So with this speculation, I had a look.

So here I am, putting the 45s through their paces. That is until the LP4 pros start to show up. I think we’ll be waiting around until they do though. The LP3 pros have a great sound that instantly makes me go WOW when the sound touches my ears. Kudos to their dual drivers. But I couldn’t adjust to the fit. (Check my review.)

So I’m going through my library of music in the comfort of these headphones.

So my question here is what headphones, ear buds, speakers are you listening with and what are they like? Are there any recommendations you would make to us, as we’re not going to have access to all models. The LP3s have my back here due to the awesome sound seperation.

What’s yours? Give us the heads up!


There’s no such thing as accidentally, a TWS is a risk waiting to manifest, the cases are slippy and the buds easy to fall out and mislay. There’s only realisation of risk.

Agree El Jefe’s reviews are thorough and fair but you do need to tune in precisely to his nuance to know if a product is for you.

We can’t talk about future products here :wink:

I currently use:

  • discontinued around-neck wired Slim+ buds. I like them as with me always around the neck, can’t lose them, can’t fall out of ears and lost, no case to lose, etc.
  • Q30 for their amazing battery life
  • X10 for IPX7 and moving without falling out of the ear
  • Frames for walking and biking when I don’t want my ears blocked.

I also use:

  • Motion+ to use with my laptop which has meek speakers, sat in bed with speaker behind head
  • Two Mini III I use for Partycast when moving around house, it’s what I use when in shower

I have but don’t use:

  • P2
  • LA2

I’ve given everything else away (Flare Mini, Icon Mini, Mini, Mini 2, Soundcore, Boom)

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Speakers, no buds and headphones in use :
2 Flare minis in TWS mode (great for a small room 16sqm, at 35% volume)


For Soundcore, I mainly use the L3P, Q35, LA2P, Motion Booms, and Motion +.

I also have some wired Planar Magnetic and Dynamic Driver Headphones that I really like!


I thought you preferred L3P?


I do, I thought I had put that in 1st (Brain Fart). Personally I prefer Speakers and Headphones to Earbuds. That being said my favorite Earbuds are the L3P which I like quite a bit.

I’m going to edit the above post to reflect that.


Outside chilling on the deck for me it has to be the boom, inside listening motion + , personal use, q 30 , in ear l3p but I do have fit issues. I like the mini but I don’t use them often not sure why but I really don’t utilize them much.

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I’m an iPhone user, so I wondered about LDAC & I wound up installing the app on an Samsung galaxy, there’s a big difference, i definitely noticed and enjoy it but , (I iPhone for music sound great too just not as good with Ldac ) . .
But for all the “over ear” headphones -I still love my Q10s for theirbass the most! I take them out the box frequently still! As well as the Q20s , they’re the most comfortable head set I’ve had ,I use them while streaming movies (I could easily fall asleep with them on my head . However I enjoy the Q45s -I use most often. I feel they are all around superior in sound than the rest on most occasions. (Unless I want my bassUp loud! or I want to relax and watch a movie.). I’m always wearing the Q45s more than the rest

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I love Indoor-outdoor wireless speakers. When I want clear and Loud audio i go to the motion boom plus . I use it indoors more often actually. As far as mini speakers I think I’ll purchase a couple of flares and try them out out thanks , I have other brands for pairing tws and “mini “ speakers but Besides the boom plus which I love , want to know which soundcore speakers are “must haves” (sound quality wise ). Any other recommendations besides the flares ?

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After the latest firmware update last week, the Q45’s have a bit more dazzle. But their presets are a touch below my favourite preference.

I still can’t work out how to put a screen shot on here of my settings to show you all what my favourite EQ is! … Help?

My dream sound happened to me after listening to the Sony XM5 last week, three things got my attention…

  1. The silence once you’ve put them on.
  2. The warm bass that serves the bass without cutting out and distorting while still getting clear highs and a soothing middle.
  3. Moving sound 3D.
    And another…


Will soundcore push their game on their next release? …

For the moment my midrange Q45s are contentious.

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  • Liberty 2 Pro for sound quality
  • Liberty Air 2 Pro for daily driver; good for phone calls, noise cancellation when needed, but will also pipe in ambient noise when needed as well
  • Flare for around the house or for guest music
  • Cheapo headband/headphones for sleeping.
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Absolutely I agree, the update has the bass up mode on the Q45 kicking harder too , ( it’s definitely obvious to me , anyway.)

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I’d say soon. Over ears? I’d assume awhile , I could be wrong s f they could surprise us. But I know the soundcore Liberty :statue_of_liberty: are in the process of getting them ready for release. (Atleast that’s the rumor )

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The old BassUp setting boosted too much midbass and not enough sub-bass but after the 2.17 update I find it quite unnatural-sounding now like forcing a sub-bass onto everything. I wish there was some way to adjust it to be between.


Isn’t everything possible with the EQ setting instead?

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Do a perfect eq setting and forget about that boost :smile:

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Personally I do custom every time I find what works best for me. Everyone has different hearing, and everyone finds subtle differences work best for their hearing. So if you have a preset that is almost there for you copy that in your custom EQ and play with that until you find the right one for you and save it

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The Bass is just awful on the Q45

I realised the bass should give warmth the moment you hear the music. This is not a basshead thing. It makes you relax.

Then have clarity with mids and highs.

The bass is a complete mess and it’s not in the tuning, the quality just isn’t there.

Saying this, it’s the not the worst experience I’ve had. Another thing, I’m not listening to lossless, I’m just being picky on standard mp3. But nonetheless, the bass should create a soothing experience not a muffled one.

None of the EQ settings allow you to give a tight thump as with the Bassup function, but it is really too overpowering for my taste.

I was NOT talking about the functions of the app.
Sorry, I dont use it.
I am on LINUX so there is no app. :smile:

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