High hiss on windows 10?

I know this just Windows 10 being bad, But I have a question any Idea how to turn down the hissing like on Mobile?

I’d suggest going into windows audio mixer and making sure the sampling rate is set to 48000hz, also try to make sure you’re using the aptX Bluetooth codec.

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Where would you find the option aptX on windows 10. Also one thing to note is you can’t change sampling rate when I tried.

When it comes to codecs I’m unsure as I’ve not had Bluetooth on a computer since windows 7, as for sampling rate I’m fairly certain that you can. Goto settings > system > sound > device properties > additional device properties > advanced > then you should see a dropdown menu for sampling rates.

Your bluetooth card has to support aptX.
Older devices will not do.

Yea, when it comes to Bluetooth audio on PC it’s probably more cost efficient to get an adapter and upgrade it as you upgrade your headphones/earphones to new Bluetooth standards.

Unfortunately when it comes to phones you need a new phone each time.

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That is such a …

And because I am using LINUX I have to check out first if there are the drivers included for such a dongle.
But my old easrs will not hear such a difference in quality.
I can do a lot by adjusting with the eq.
So I am fine!
Enjoy the sunday!

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Well generally it’s safe to say that most modern peripherals have drivers that can be used on Linux, more so than windows as most older devices will continue to work on a modern Linux distro. Even if there aren’t you can almost always find modded drivers to get them working.

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I know, I am in LINUX since more than 10 years.
Was only a weird “tinkering” first, without UNIX-knowledge your were quite lost.
But now, all “old devices” getting a perfect performance.
For me : “old Neanderthaler : old hardware, but modern OS!”

LINUX is not a “religion” for me.
I know about all other OS’, because I had to use and work with.
When developing software it should run on all OS.

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