Hissing on Liberty 2 Pros

I bought a pair of Liberty 2 Pros, the sound is good but there’s a hissing noise, what should I do?

I’ve seen on some previous posts, that sometimes an update of the firmware helps.

To do that you’d need to download the soundcore app, and it should allow for you to update the firmware.

Failing that, maybe have a quick search through the community… I’ll see if I can track it down too…


Note w/ update to collective 2.0, link below ist tote (no longer working) :wink:

Link to thread re: white noise / hissing


From what happened previously when they first came out, there was a small batch of the 2 pros that had a hiss… Part of the firmware update did help some of the Liberty 2 pros but not all of them. So you will need to contact [service@soundcore.com] if they are still hissing after the update.

Technically, I would think those would not be out there anymore.

So, I am just wondering where did you get them from?

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I got them from Amazon and the firmware update didn’t help.

Good… Some places are harder to get warrenty depending on site. Amazon should be easy. Contact the service dept. and let them know what is going on. Since it is the weekend it may take some extra days for them to respond

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Warranty service is definitely the place to go here. And Amazon is usually the store to go to for Soundcore, if you aren’t going straight to the source. So you should be covered on several levels.

This is strange … the link is not working stating that I am not allowed. I can absolutely remember this long thread. Could it be Anker killed the threat not to disturb the customers (just wondering)?

When they redid the collective, they turfed alot of the old content and redistributed the categories.

Thanks for the heads up, i’ll correct my post w/ the link.


There was a site update and a few categories were disabled. Most likely this thread was under this category. An example is the off topic was discontinued and is most likely how the creator of the thread probably have started it.