Hissing unit liberty pro 2

Is anker still shipping defective liberty pro 2 units? Just got mine Tuesday 12th, and do hear a loud hissing noise on quieter song parts. It’s very annoying when listening to classical music. Any one else having a hissing background noise?

Hi @Houndoom96 you would probably be best reaching out to service@soundcore.com with your serial number to see if it is one of the affected units so they can advise on & resolve your issue…

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I also had this issue, I actually RMA’d the headphones and got a new pair. Same issue, I think what you’re hearing is the really high white noise floor. It’s supposed to sound like that apparently.

As I suppose those “hissing” is a high frequency,
I will take one of those.
Old man can not hear those!!! :smile:

Does this issue completely resolved or some of the stock items still have this problem? I wanted to buy one but I am not in US and the warranty claim might be hard to complete.

@Loz Can you confirm if units with issues have now been removed from stock?

Is this a well known issue or just a one-off?

@Loz Can you check for the hissing issue on L2P? Hope I can grab it soon (with help from my friend) :slightly_smiling_face: and my region does not have this product yet so the warranty will be difficult to claim

As I mentioned in the original statement, the hissing issue has been resolved :slight_smile: I understand it may be difficult to claim in your region, but for whatever reason if you’re unhappy or unsatisfied you are able to get a full refund within 28 days.

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I challenge that based on a manager community service rep. The issue is MOSTLY resolved. a version 3 will be available in 2-3 weeks which will completely resolve it. if you want screen shots I have them.

support said they will have a 3rd version in 3 weeks, which completely eliminates the noise, so it is not resolved yet. hopefully, the 3rd version will resolve it.

Yup. It’s sad when the support people and forum people can’t at least manage to tell the same lie or since I trust Soundcore and mainly Anker innovations in general…make a single clear forum wide proper company statement versus this.

Sorry for the straight up newbie question, but how do I identify which hardware version of the liberty 2 pro I have?

Are you guys talking about Liberty Pro 3?? already??

Oh my Soundcore !

If you mean what physical “hardware” version. It should be on the information sticker on the box I believe. For the “system hardware”. The app will tell you what update version you have. And if you need to update it

Yeah, I am asking about identifying the physical hardware—as I am assuming that the conversation regarding v3 is referencing hardware revision 3 and not Liberty 3 pro.

I’m not seeing any easily identifying hardware revision number on the packaging or sticker. Would you be able to post a picture of what I should be looking for?

That would be better answered by someone else. I haven’t been able to find it myself but where I’ve been led to find it. And yes you are correct. The third revision.

By 3 weeks do you mean around mid December?

VERSION 3 of LP2 not a LP3

Do you think they will replace units for customers that have defective ones? I send an email to support asking if they have serial number or batch number for the known defects. We would all still be cover by the 18-month warranty anyways right?