Honest Liberty 2 pro Review

So ill try to tell you my Opinion to the Liberty 2 pros. its my first time i do that so please dont be harsh, oh and yeah english isnt my motherlanguage ill try my best.

Lets Start:

I will only talk about the headphones here, I’m not really interested in the packaging, but for those who are interested: yes, it seems relatively noble and robust.

Appearance and comfort:

The first thing you notice is that the charging box is an absolute hand-catcher. It’s not too big, it’s made of a pleasant soft plastic and the lid mechanism is just as soft as butter, you’d like to play with it all day long. Very nice. On the front side there are three LEDs, which indicate the battery status of the box itself, as well as the progress of charging. BUT: only for the box itself. And that’s an absolute no go for me personally. It would be easy to program something like that. So why leave something like that out?

Whatever. On the back of the box there is an usb-c input and a button which you can use to display the battery status with the LEDs (unfortunately only for the box again).
The box can be charged by Qi or via the usb-c input.

Removing the earbuds is a bit tricky, but not so dramatic.
The earbuds are a bit big, but I have seen worse. They also protrude a bit further out of the ears, but even there they are on average. Also the weight is average compared to others. They fit well into the ears and do not fall off so easily

Each earbud has a small button for operation. And here I must say im not happy with them. They are hard to find if you wear the earbuds and the input is extremely delayed. This is why it often happens that you want to pause the song, press it several times because of the delay, so that you pause and play it several times. Annoying. Second point of criticism: you can set a volume command via Soundcore app. BUT: the button command must be repeated for each volume „step“. This means that you can’t hold the button down to quickly increase or decrease the volume, you have to hold the button down, wait for the volume to increase or decrease one step, let go and then repeat the whole thing. I’ve seen that better at 20€ Amazon headphones. Embarrassing. Another thing, if you push the buttons, the earbuds case will creak. Premium?

The Earbuds allegedly have IPX4. Well for sweat it should be enough in my opinion, even if many think that would not be the case. I mean look at the IPX4 tests on youtube. Is that enough?

Let’s get to the battery life. Absolutely fantastic. I am someone who sometimes listen to music for 5-6 hours. I didn’t stop the time, but damn it, they seem to keep their promise. And the quick charge function? Check :+1:. 10 minutes in and 2 hours out? Works! This shows Anker’s experience with batteries.


So now it’s getting a little tricky. I don’t think these earbuds are made for the normal consumer. If your music sources are Spotify or simple Mp3s, I don’t think the Liberty 2 pros are for you. Let me explain. Most will not notice the difference between these earbuds and cheap 20-30€ China earbuds when using Spotify or mp3. I got really sensitive ears and I tested it for hours with different sources.

But if you’re using Tidal or high quality music files with master quality and you hate Over Ear headphones (like me) then you’ll love these little beasts. Of course you can’t get close to their big Over Ear relatives with their sound quality, but they sound nice and crispy, the bass is really smooth and has enough power for my personal taste, even if it could be a little bit more for some (hey they are in ear earbuds). Especially with the “Master” titles in Tidal the Liberty 2 pros show their strengths. With the cheap earbuds these high-quality sources sound just like normal mp3s.

I even go so far as to say that they are one of the best sounding In Ears I’ve ever heard (with air up of course).

As for this Hear Id, which praises Soundcore so highly. Well, the Soundcore app does a kind of frequency listening test and then does an individual equalizer setting as far as I understand it. I don’t know if a hearing test on smartphones is as reliable as a source. You still have a choice of different pre-programmed equalizer settings for system-wide settings (for Netflix for example?) Nice. But no manually adjustable equalizers? Not Nice.

A few annoying things would be short disconnects, sometimes the earbuds rustle for a fraction of a second and then its gone for a while. But i never tried any true wireless earbuds that didnt have the same problems, not the airpods not the beats. Maybe a bluetooth issue but honestly, i dont know.

So the Liberty 2 pros are more for audiophiles who hate wearing over ears.

My conclusion:

I can’t fully recommend the Liberty 2 pros. Unfortunately they screwed up a lot in terms of comfort. If there are any unknown China manufacturers that can do it for 20-30€, then Soundcore should do it too. You simply notice that the creators have gone too far into this audiophile experience. There are still wireless in ear earbuds, and audiophile people get much better over ear headphones for pure listening pleasure. They didn’t quite manage the balancing act between comfort and performance. But if you love in ears, hate over ears and have good music sources. Then these little Monsters could change the game for you :slight_smile: But that’s a rather small niche.

I got them for 99€, with the pre-ordering campaign, would I buy them for 150€? I don’t think so. If all the weaknesses I mentioned were not present, I would probably pay more.

I hope that was helpful for some and do not forget, this is all my own opinion.


Thanks for the review!! Very thorough.

Some here like photos!
Add those, and its more than perfect. :wink:
Enjoy the weekend!

PS: Never forget: Human ears are always the “weakest link in the chain”

Thanks for your honest review. It’s very much appreciated.
And although I don’t agree with some of your faults, I’m glad you mentioned them as it gives others a more in depth look at what they are getting.

@kkojack pictures can say a lot that words cannot, so any chance you can add some? Maybe some with them in your ear to show how they stick out?

sure ill try to post some today.

Ahhh, the same review from reddit. Still just as great!

Thnx for the review. Regarding this statement: “they are one of the best sounding In Ears I’ve ever heard” Can u compare to any other TWS, like Sony/Sennheiser/lypertek/etc.?

Which TWS would u say makes normal mp3 sound great?

Nicely written up, glad to hear they sound good. The drawbacks make sense given the size.

because its me the same person :joy:

yea i tried sonys apple airpods and beats. imo the soundcores sounds best for hq. but i dont like noise cancellation so ^^

That’s what I figured :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I didn’t think you would steal someone else’s :wink:

that is nice to know. btw, when you say it is indistinguishable from cheap earbuds with mp3 sources, does this mean that it sounds worse than average? e.g., does the sony make mp3 sound fantastic?

Nice and honest review thanks for sharing :+1:
As always pictures would make it a great review

sry no i didnt meant that my english really urgh :laughing: no with mp3 files they sound better than the average BUT its not worth to talk about it and definitively not the worth the higher price. Mp3 is just too compromized even with the highest rate i think thats 320kbits. and with 320kbits you can confidently take almost any headphones, because they’re all relatively well built for it these days.

and the sonys… so i think these two earbuds are too different to tell which is better. Imo for pure clear nice sound i would recommend the liberty 2 pros. the sony earbuds sounds nice (i think soundcore sounds better) BUT i dont like the noise interference while noise cancellation is on ^^ but i see the advantage to use them if you often use the sub or busses something like that, its nice to have something like this

Thnx. That is good to hear. So, by “noise interference while noise cancellation is on”, is this the background hiss noise that people are complaining about during playback, or do you mean something else?

The liberty 2 pro does NOT have noise cancelling.

In regards to noise cancelling, I think they were talking about the Sony earbuds?

Since the case is soft as butter, I will need to watch out carrying it and do not let my wife feel of the case as she loves to rub her silky and may want these then. :wink:

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And don’t forget human ears, often these are not much good as well.

Let me understand properly. So you are saying that spotify will not sound better with other high end earbuds, like the Sony WF-1000XM3 or the Sennheiser Momentum, correct?