How can I connect ANKER soundcore and Soundcore2?

Connect ANKER Soundcore and Soundcore 2

The original anker soundcore speaker doesn’t support stereo pairing.
You would have to get another soundcore 2 speaker for stereo sound since this only works with two of the same speakers.

Yeah they have to be the same device and same version to be paired. The other way is that they all have party cast. I have connected Flare 2 and 2 Soundcore 3s.

If you plan to do speakers in the near future with soundcore, I would suggest some of the party cast one as they all hook up together.



The most simple answer and best stated with one word. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your responses, I suspected as much just had no way to confirm.

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You are fine. You do not know if you do not ask. We all learned the same way. Speakers was not my strongest knowledge here as I tend to steer clear due to my son but you hear it a bit and it becomes easier to know.