How can I verify that the ANC on my new Q35 is working as expected. new to ANC thing!

How can I test if the ANC on my new q35 is working fine and doing a job as expected. reason, I’m not finding a noticeable difference when turning on ANC. tested by playing this on my laptop speaker and I could hear what was being played in the video. there is just a reduction of hmmm noise that’s it. rest all is audible.
not sure if that’s all the headphone is capable of in terms of ANC. would appreciate if someone can confirm!

I’d suggest that’s normal for Soundcore. The ANC reduce is mild and tends to reduce bass sounds.

I have the Q30. I thought the ANC wasn’t working and swapped them under warranty and was the same. I have some Soundcore ANC buds with the same performance.

Try the different modes one may work better for you.

I think it probably is depending on the speaker volume of your test (my thoughts). If it was pretty loud then those levels are not what the NC are targeting.

Will say the ANC of Soundcore will be different than say the ANC of a Bose headset (120 vs 300 dollars).

I was initially uncertain of how well or not they were doing. The NC will be best with those lower toned noises such as keyboard clicking, car hums, and etc.

I like to check them out with with the bathroom fan. In tranparency, it will be heard but you should be able to tell a big difference with NC on (should go to a low rumble (depending on fan type). With a little music, I usually do not hear much.

My son like the q35 as he has Aspergers and it help decrease those minor noises that aggravate him (although he still can hear my dad jokes, :rofl:)