How come everyone gets 60 points @ the start of a month?

If anyone hasn’t noticed, it seems like the lowest point total on the leaderboard is 60, which should be impossible to get 2 days into the month. If you get the 25 per day, that totals to 50. How do people get 60 so early?

They are new users. Regulars users or non-new accounts can get 50 points (assuming you have the correct numbers


New users geting 50 points for registration.


Oh I forgot about that thanks @Shivam_Shah @VertigoXX


There are also other points for setting up a profile and such for one time points that often puts them at the top of the leaderboard for the start of every month

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There’s a new member every couple of minutes.


They get points on setup new

You only notice them on the first day or two of new month, they fall away as the hardcore Soundcore fans create threads and keep themselves near top, after a week or so the new user points members fall off the bottom.

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Yeah I wonder what the benefit is by the accounts that all have random numbers for their names. At first I thought it was one person spamming accounts but then they do nothing with them which seems to defeat their purpose

They’re too fast and all the same country so it’s a bot. I’ve flagged it multiple times. The primary advantage they can mass bid for giveaway but that’s easily stopped as the winner is announced so we can cry foul as we did a few wins ago so I suggest that’s wasting everyone’s time so I’m not concerned there.

The secondary malicious goal is to bring down the community at a chosen moment. Imagine if say they wanted to undermine the Q35 launch and made a new thread about them, they’d be orders of magnitude faster than any admin or moderator to stop them. As admin doesn’t (appear to) work weekends they can bring community down for days / week.

The 3rd reason is they don’t do the above, they threaten to for money. This is often never known about.

For these reasons I prefer non-random competitions, talent based as random can be beaten by mass accounts, and I’d like any random to be selected on a minimum level so genuinely interested fans have better chance. Random often favours the lurker.

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