How common is this? Wolf hearing

How many here can turn their hearing off?

I can. It feels like I’m pushing my throat up into my ears, and has the same sound reducing effect of fingers in ear.

A side-effect of this is my hearing seems better than average, may be not suffering as much damaging loud sounds.

Wondering how many here can do the same?

I’ve never been so confused about a post on this website until I read this.


I can not turn the sound off in my ears. I do have a little bit of ringing in my ear. I feel if I try to stop hearing in my ear, I just make my eardrums vibrate.

I do feel that my vision field of view is exceptional and can see 90 degree from looking forward :wink:

What volume level do you keep your earbuds at ?

I’m going to go with not that common. I have pretty good hearing I would say so myself have since I was little but can’t say I can’t turn it off in that way. I can mentally tune stuff out but that doesn’t feel like my throat is in my ears.

Take care : Tinnitus!

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Thanks… It is a low grade ringing.

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Seriously, protect your ears…they are the only two that you have!

He was saying that to me. I think it partly came maybe due to cutting weeds for my dad when I would go up to visit him for extended times in the summer. It took like 3 days to cut the hills and did not get hearing protection.

Tinnitus can be awful. I need a little white noise to keep things normal - full silence starts to make my ears ring as well. Good noise blocking or canceling headphones without music on are bad for me.

And no wolf ears for me, if I’m going to stop sound it requires ear plugs.

Same I was so confused reading this.

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It is not to bad but I do tend tend to ask my wife to repeat herself.

I believe part of it is to the tinnitus. The other part is my wife walks down the hallway 2 rooms down, goes into that room and expects me to hear her as she tries to talk to me. :rofl:

Turn your own hearing off, Sunday’s must be boring @The_Professor :laughing: Most I can manage is dulling sounds by forcing blood pressure to my head… perhaps the same method or result…feels like a pressure from the jaw to the ear when complete…

I want to learn how to turn my hearing off as to mot to hear my wife complain about me leaving the air fryer plugged in. Lol

I suspect it is a mutation. Inside it feels like I’m squeezing the ear canal. I can only do it for about 30 seconds at a time, so its one of the weaker muscles. I was born with it and only realised others cannot do similar late in life.

I’m curious how prevalent this is wider, I was wondering if people with better hearing have the same capability, like in this community.

I do it automatically whenever a loud noise, loud truck passing, alarm goes off, someone shouts, etc.

The noise reduction is exactly the same as fingers in the ear, so can hear my own voice and just low bass from outside. If I put my little fingers in ear and turn my hearing off, I can feel in my finger the ear canal moving, so it’s likely being closed.

The side effect is my hearing is not damaged relative for my age. Also means my ear wax gets pushed out very fast.


If I turn my hearing off with my Life P2 in, they get pushed out, so I have to try to not do it when using wireless buds.

The chance one human only can do this is tiny, chances are many can, and chances are those who can are similarly assuming everyone can do it. So thought I’d flag it up to find out similar mutants.

I cannot turn off the low bass noise, so still like ANC headphones. These combined makes me deaf at will.

I have that earwax removal kit​:joy::joy::joy:

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Also since I’ve been googling this do you experience a low rumbling when you do this such as described in this article??

Yes. And a crackling. The crackling is likely the ear wax being pushed out.

But I can control the rumbling,if I squeeze to my maximum it makes a rumbling, but I don’t try that hard, usually just the exact same as fingers in ear.

May be the Tympanic? But it’s further out in the canal in my case.

How many can consciously do it as % of population? Anyone else here can do it?

I think it a good skill to have .

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I can do the ear rumbling as well. I wonder if the ear sound stopage is your ability to control your ear bones. If you can stop a componens of your hearing, I think it could prevent you from hearing the sound. Since you have that specific ability to partially control that, it could give a better sensitivity to farther away sounds.

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