How do i stop all the Lum music share spam?

I don’t seem to be able to stop seeing threads from people who share music in Lum. I can only mute members who do it often.

How do I mute a member from within a thread? I seem to be only mute them in my accounts preferences, users.

Right-click ignore function?

Any ideas?


Figured it out.

Just mute the whole Music section!

I’d prefer not to but unless someone knows how to mute a user right-click them as ignore, then it’s the best answer in the short term. It’s got worse since the Lum integration. I don’t use it but suspect there’s a share button in the app. A spammer’s charter.

I do agree. 10 threads in a short period. I see this and thus have to determine is it spam or LUM user as well as fix any that has potential negative language. I have no issue with them wanting to promote themselves to us but they could do it in fewer threads. If everybody did it from over there then it would be just a flood of threads.

I rather see one thread that says something like:

"Hey this is the DJ Jazzy Duke. Come and listen to me dropping some notes and vocals . Hope you enjoy these 7 songs. "

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No limit of new member threads / day ? That’s the traditional method for this.

I think a couple of things did not come over from some of the Anker edits.

So No limit to number of threads for new members and I think they did not fix the 3 reply rule either (or unsure if they fixed it. ) as when we had the spam night in Jan 2020 that forces admins to make @TechMan moderator.

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Seeme to be “Lümmel” (use dictionary)
who are doing that. :rofl:

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I translated @Chiquinho.
This spam also annoys me!

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And its getting more and more.

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Soundcore “Collective” turning into Spam collective :slightly_frowning_face:… Something needs to be done


It started when every day there were showing up such new and important threads,
that the artist XYZ launched a “new, important song or album”.
(All these should be collected in one thread only)

I never will “wade through” all those "very important and informative threads.

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Easy fix is mute the entire Music section until the admin does the easy change of new users can’t post new threads until they contributed then can make one new thread a day max until… Etc.

It stops a certain type of spam.

I agree the aggressive spam of lüm songs lately is annoying they could have just made one thread saying hey hey are some suggestions of songs I like on lüm instead of making countless threads

Seems we have a new specialists in creating “points” :rofl:

Those are just new members that did received 50 points for registering

Bots not people.

At some point the bots will bring down the community. Then probably ask for money to stop

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Not new members, created numbers.

Maybe they will even create a bot capable of taking first place in the leaderboard …:thinking:

Well they certainly can get there through trial and error. They can script picking and creating a new thread on time from a source site. They can post generic replies. They can share.

What’s tricky is then winning at least one weekly win (thread, helpful, picture) to move from dozens of joint 1st into an actual 1st.

I suspect the Anker and Soundcore community platforms share the same person as Admin, and the admin is not doing anything to stop malvescents.

Anker is an older platform with diverse topics, but right now very few prizes. Soundcore is about 3 years younger with less diversity (music or brand products) but weekly prizes.

So these drive the bots and spammers differently.

Anker gets hit with a spammer twice each working day, implying it’s a funded professional plan with humans trying to insert links to sites with basically ultimately steal money. There’s no profit in points as no prizes of note. As the profit is in making you click on a link, they have a few crafted posts daily.

Anker example spam, this is a post with link

And this one they posted without link to try to get below the radar then edited it later with a link

They did another cleverer method I won’t share.

You see as few benefits in points the adding of new members are slow and are mostly humans who then seek support, observe a new member on average every few hours.

This Soundcore community is being attacked differently for the prizes mostly, to accumulate points to then win the giveaway when the person wants the prize. As the least effort for most gain is a new account which gets a welcome new members points, it’s easier to make many new members then when a prize comes up then bid from many accounts. So observe a new member every 2 minutes on average.

So for example the bot is currently running making a new account every 2 mins

The admin, if they were present, would see the new accounts from the same IP and stop them.

What Lum is doing is causing a 3rd type of malvescent, of getting people to go to a music to then profit from that music. That involves posting new threads with link to Lum.

So prizes and outcomes:

  • Anker: prize is the search engines for a popular brand , to insert links to sites to steal money, a few done each day by a human to look real.
  • Soundcore: prize is giveaway so a person has written a script to make new accounts to then accumulate points to win giveaway
  • Lum: get people to click on music link to ultimately make money.