How do you find your best EQ

Since so many people come here asking for EQ settings, I figured I would say how I do mine, hopefully others will explain how they do theres and people will have an idea to find default settings.
I personally start out with a u shape, once I am there I drop the bass by one or two notches . Then I put on sound of silence by disturbed and listen carefully I tweak the EQ from that point. I set this as my default EQ I mostly listen to heavy metal and this setting seems good for me but I do listen to other genres so I do adjust my EQ. I have learned if something isn’t sounding right try playing with the EQ. I also know what sounds good to me might sound like crap to others. And as people grow older hearing changes.

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Alan Ross on youtube reviews a lot of bluetooth speakers. Including those by soundcore. Often after a new firmware update he does a test and he shares his eq. I use that eq as a start. And then I make changes for my taste and my volume and my music and my ears. Often my personal changes are small.

I usually end up with a modified V shape.

The thing is there is no such thing as a best EQ. What I mean by that, is we all have different tastes, different tracks are mastered differently (Heck I change mine up quite a bit), and probably different levels of hearing.

I always say the best EQ is the one that sounds best to whoever is doing the listening!

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Yesterday I bought a little SONY SRS-X11 at the flea.
Funny design.
And with a special adjustment by the eq. the sound is OK.
I will not use it, it will be a present for my friend’s daughters.
It’s in absolutely perfect condition so I can do. :smile: