How does music affect you in your life?

Music seems to be around me all the time. When I am at work, I am always listening to music to help me concentrate. If I am at home, music is one of the forms of my way to relax.

The reason why I started to think about that was I realized music was also in how I spoke ( see below). I find my self jokingly singing songs based on my family talking to me.

A good example is my wife while swimming stated she liked letting the water jets hit her back. At that point, I started to sing Benny and the Jets. .My wife started singing it too as she said she new I was going to do that.

So how does music affect you and what are your favorite ways to express yourselves?


I like how certain songs trigger memories of events or trips that you’ve taken in the past. It’s even more noticeable when it’s a song that you never normally listen to, but the moment it comes on the radio/a playlist you can instantly recall a specific memory.


I like that as well. Every time I hear Cherry Pie, I remember hanging out with my cousin at college and having a good time.

I think of music like this.


Whilst in college, we’d listen to ac/dc - highway to hell, very loudly, but we’d sing along we’re on the highway to bobs, as that’s were we’d be heading after class, and the pub, and almost anytime we weren’t studying…

Oh the fun. :rofl::joy::rofl:

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A very good view on life. I think we all have a similar view on life.

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Its one of the rare things in life that can adapt to your mood, needless to say music has an overall positive effect of my life!

Agreed… You can be sappy in the music, rage against everybody or go all classical as well.


Music is the friend that’s always there.

I can completely relate to this!! There is just a bond between the precious memory with specific songs.
Like the song that was played on my high school graduation ceremony, or a song that me and my friends played during our trip in Japan.
Songs always bring me back to those time and place. :relaxed:

Very nice thoughts and I agree with you.

Every time I hear MC Hammer, I am reminded of my friend that played that song everywhere we went. Good times.

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