How many speakers have you hooked together with party cast?

I’ve been using soundcore for years now. I found that purchasing more is better sound and overall headroom is second to none. Its sort of like being in my favorite club with speakers pumping through out the house. It always impresses my guest. Best of all look ! No wires mom! Contol all from the palm of my hand. Big time stereo sound at a price others look with envy and rage!

Partycast doesn’t give stereo sound. Also as for how many, i don’t have any partycast speakers but @TheSnarkyOne is a regular user here who has 3 Flare 2 that he has paired up

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I currently have a party of one.

True @Shivam_Shah the triplets were in fine form this afternoon with @Daveg10000 big twitch stream celly…

Paired all three easily and effortlessly and combined with fantastic music, yielded a great stream…

Had one left one right and the other behind, was almost 3D spatial sound…

You really need one more. You can form them into a square with one in front 1 by each ear and last one behind you.

I have a mini that wants to grow up to be like the big kids… not sure how that’s going to work out :joy::rofl::joy:

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I heard playing music would help it grow or was that plants. :rofl:


I never said it was in full stereo. I said big time stereo sound as speaking like a wired home sound system.


It will be just fine. Try it out you will see!

I have 2 mini 3’s and a Trance Go. Usually i have the trance go outside on the patio and the mini 3s inside. in the living room and kitchen. I’ll probably add in another mini 3 or a 'core 3 to fill the indoor rooms more. My only gripe is the range isn’t great with partycast as currently one of the Mini 3s has to be primary speaker, and it doesn’t appear you can adjust the volume of the trance go independently from the Mini 3 when paired as secondary…so with the mini 3s at mid to high volume the trance go is blasting across the neighborhood.