How MusiCares® Is A Shining Light In Music's Darkest Hour | Soundcore Stories

To further support our mission of helping grassroots musicians, Soundcore has partnered with MusiCares® —a charity founded by the Recording Academy®, to support artists in need of assistance. Already, through its COVID relief program, MusiCares® has served 24,000 people with over $22 million dollars in aid.

We sat down with Debbie Caroll, Vice President of MusiCares®, to discuss the new partnership and the work that MusiCares® has been carrying out over the past year.

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Will give it a listen to later tonight

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Interesting concept and wow 22 million to over 24000 people. A great organization… I like all the services they offered… great podcast

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I’ll definitely give this a listen tomorrow. Regardless I’m so proud of Soundcore for partnering with MusiCares it really is great of them to do such great things for the music community

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Great second podcast, I’ll have to go back and catch the first one tonight.

Glad to hear more about the partnerships with LUM and MusiCares.

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Way to go Soundcore for reaching out and doing more than just being a company just about selling products

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Good addition, might check that out later.

Great to hear MusiCares doing so much for everyone! Listening to it really makes me think how bad the pandemic hit everyone and how fortunate we are to have good health and savings to get us through this phase

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It’s crazy how many people they’ve reached, so glad we’re getting behind the cause. Big events coming up. Watch this space!


cool! I really like how Soundcore puts attention in helping grassroots musicians! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: