How to and Usage Videos for Liberty 2 Pro and other new releases headsets

With lot of questions and topics going on for Liberty 2 Pro for audio, CVC, pairing, and more, will Soundcore Team be preparing any Videos on how to setup, troubleshooting, tips / tricks ?

This would help and benefit lot of Soundcore fans and consumers.

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There are several videos available on Anker’s YouTube channel.

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Check the Anker YouTube channel. They already posted a ton of these videos

Beat me to it by like 1 second :joy:

I’m pretty quick to tell people about stuff I know.

Thanks guys!

Being a regular here on Anker and Soundcore, still missed this… Think of others who might be missing all these content help videos.

These should be linked on Soundcore collective. May be I will do it later tonight.

Also saw it on the main Soundcore site under features… but it is more hidden and not openly visible.

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