How to charge fully

How to charge my liberty air 2, pls help me.
I left device to charge for 2hours aprox. Still i see only 60% when i connect them. Someone pls explain me about the LED indicator and functions behind

Wait more.
Or try another charger or cable.

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The LED indicator on the case just lets you know the charge of the case.

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I am still unsure of how the cases charge with the earbuds in the. (If the case is charged first and then the earbuds or earbuds and then the case).

I think it also may depend on what your case LED indicators is on and if you had the device plugged into a power source.

On the case LED, you should have 3 dots. 1 dot is 30 , 2 dots 30 to 70 and 3 dots 70 to 100. When you put the buds into the case and close them, dot 1 L and dot 3 R should light up to let you know they are charging.

If you are not connected to a cable and just using the case, it should be charging it and it should go past the potential 60. If not connected to a cable, it is just by the case. If the case has one dot and blinking (I think) then your case is about dead and it needs recharged.

If you do not see the dots when the case is closed then you may want to check the case and buds connection points for debris and such…

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Thankyou for clearing my doubts. How do we know that earbuds are fully charged? By LED indicator?

I do it one of three ways depending on the device.

I see a few devices will show an icon at the top and you can tell when it is getting lower. ( I think Apple does this some)
Air 2 are in the app and you can check it from there but will give you the percentage in a few bars that are like 20 percent each. It has been a while since I really looked at the app battery here but I think it will show something maybe.
I can go to my android BT and view the connections and it will tell me what percentage of battery that I have left.

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Thankx dude