How to charge the Life Q30 headphones?

So, I just unboxed my new Life Q30 headphones and reading the manual realized I first need to charge them.
Only come with the cable (USB-A to USB-C)
If anyone could tell me what kind of charger I need (specification wise) it would be great.
Could I use my MacBook Pro one (Output: 20.2V/4.3A, 9V/3A, 5.2V/2.4A), or my iPhone one (output 5V/1A)?
Thanks in advance.

Seeing as you said you were reading the manual, keep reading its on the last page in your language, e.g. page 7

So any 5V 0.65A, so that’s most PC ports, nearly every charger will do that.


Thanks for your answer, very much appreciated!
Yes, I saw that. I was just concerned that the 5V/1A would be too much and damaging the headphones.
I also didn’t understand exactly what output: 20.2V/4.3A, 9V/3A, 5.2V/2.4A, again if it won’t be “frying” the headphones…

be nice if they had the wall outlet with them…best bet is to use their battery charging packs :slight_smile:

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@saul98765 Use the 5V 1A brick. When trying to decide which Power Supply (brick) to use, always match the voltage. The device will see all the voltage, but only draw the amount of current (Amps) it requires. So if you had a 5V 2A brick that would be alright too, as long as it’s 5V.

Think of it like a house circuit (I live in the USA). If you have a120V, 20 Amp fuse (circuit breaker) outlet, you can plug a refrigerator that only requires 10 amps in it, then you could plug other things in as well as long as they don’t draw more than an additional 10 amps or you will blow the fuse (circuit breaker).

To summarize - match the voltage, the device will only draw the current that it needs.


@Steve976 Thanks for the explanations - I am also wondering what charger to use.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Steve. Thanks for taking the time to explain in a way that I could understand!!!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay safe!

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@sodojka @saul98765 You’re welcome guys, I’m always happy to help. You guys have a great day!


Short answer:. Don’t worry anything USB will do, particularly Anker chargers.

Long answer: yes you’d think it would be a problem but USB standard is 5V and only offers more than 5V following a negotiation of protocol, QC, PD, etc. So a charger which can do 20V will only offer 20V if the other end says it’s ok.

For this to be false would involve fake products, home made,etc.

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No, the spec is auto negotiating. The limits on the power supply are the max a supply can provide, your headphones will draw less and not be harmed.

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So, just to clarify/summarize for my limited knowledge.
Would it be OK to use my 87W laptop brick with output 20.2V/4.3A (USB PD) or 9V/3A (USB PD) or 5.2V/2.4A as it is written on the brick?

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Yep. It will auto negotiate down to 5V with limited current.

Yes on the assumption they are legit chargers adhering to the USB protocols.

You know their source, how you bought them, if any you have any doubts with, then don’t use them. As fake ones are rare, your risks a likely very very low. The one you got with Mac is likely legit as is the one got with your iphone.

Yes, those are legit. Apple OEM chargers 100%.
Very thankful to you guys, jercox, Logically and Steve976!!!
You’ve helped me a lot! :slight_smile: :pray: