How to delete account

How to delete all accounts?

May be this can be done by the moderator @Duane_Lester or one of the admins here.

They can delete it themselves, I believe.

Log into the soundcore app using the username n password. The app then has a part to delete account.

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Oh ja, don’t use the app so I didn’t know. :grinning:

I seem to remember seeing you posting this on another thread that asked the same thing awhile back.

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I think I may have done a thread on it. I will say that I was using FB to log in and I have changed that to basically a log in again. I just have to remember not to ever hit that in the app. LOLOL

Well, I actually used a different account for that once I realized that the FB was not a way to log in. I think I will keep that as it is safer from when we do silly things when we start to get sleepy.

My last 1/2 asleep thing that I did was I put my astro on a R2D2 play doh maker. ( took the head off and the Astro fit almost perfectly)

I found that I could set it there and move the Astro to reach the area I wanted to watch a movie on. (wall, ceiling or etc). I connected my earbuds and start to watch. Being late, I start to nap and then wake up, kick my leg and almost kicked the Astro. :rofl: Got up, turned off Astro and went to bed.

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@Nopenope Please contact via email and they can help you with deleting the account.