How To Earn Points and Notes

We want to make sure we’re rewarding you guys appropriately, which is why we provide Points and/or Notes for different actions. Points are key to levelling up and gaining access to exclusive stuff, whilst Notes can be exchanged for Soundcore goods, like coupons and swag.

It’s really important we capture your feedback on our system and, whilst we can’t go around giving out millions of Notes, we can make tweaks here and there.

So, you’re the boss, let us know what you think and what could be improved. We treat your feedback like gold dust, so leave it down below.

P.S. “Notes”, like :dollar:, but also like :notes:. You guys see what we did there? :nerd_face:


You should also state that product reviews must include pictures and meet a certain word count as some people will post “reviews” which are more so opinions and not actual review if the product just to get points


Notes should be rewarded for creating a thread that gets stickied by admin/mods, and that shouldn’t be limited to one member per day (there shouldn’t be any limit).

I also feel as though getting your UGC shared on Soundcore social media should be worth more points and notes.

Finally, I believe that getting replied to should earn points. And likes are always fun to throw in, too.

Also, what’s the relationship between notes/points and giveaway tickets?


Good point!

I’ll review your feedback regarding more Points/Notes for other actions.

In regarding to the relationship between Points, Notes and giveaway tickets:

  • Points are required to level up;
  • Notes can be used to purchase things (check out our referral section - we’re still populating this with more stuff);
  • Giveaway tickets are one of the things you can purchase with your notes. Again, the giveaway section is locate under referrals.

Then how do I already have 2 giveaway tickets without exchanging any notes?

You also earn giveaway tickets for levelling up (along with other things). I’m about to upload a levelling up table with more info. I’ll be posting this as a thread, but ideally we’ll find a location in the profile section to add this into properly.


Seconded, often happens on the other community, so a minimum word count or content structure would be good to prevent abuse of the point system.


Agreed. Reviews should also be the user’s original work and not a copy and paste from another source (CNET, YouTube, etc).

EDIT: Oops, I see that is already covered in the rule :joy:


Very cool! I’ll be reviewing some different products in the next few weeks!

Still a little confused as to why this has to be separate from the other community…


Remember Andrew, new reviews not ones you posted before.

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Yeah… I have the q20 and the ace a0


I was wondering the same thing myself. I can see that I can trade in notes for them currently, but I haven’t and still show the 2 giveaway entries as well.

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Wow, great new point system. I’m going to have a better look around the the forum tonight.

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So from the point system above, I am somehow missing 15 points for completing my profile. I have my picture, bio and name, so not sure why it is only showing my profile picture points at 15. Not to mention the 3 people I got to sign up today with my referral link that sent them all to the soundcore homepage, which seems like it was just for the purchasing portion of it all.

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Log out and back in and your points will be updated

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Did multiple times.

Ooh good catch, just checked mine and I’m also missing the 15 for completed profile