How to Earn Points/Notes on Private Product Reviews

In Monday’s Core Update we mentioned that nobody had correctly completed a Private Review on the Soundcore Collective. It’s taken me a little while to get back round to this, but I’d now like to clarify what happened and what you need to do to earn Points/Notes on Soundcore Private Reviews.

Firstly, you can (currently) leave a product review in the Conversations or even Gallery section - we can refer to this as a Public Review. There is no problem with this. However, leaving reviews here will not earn you any Notes - you’ll simply be rewarded the regular Points that you would for uploading a Thread or image/video.

To earn Notes on your reviews, they need to be uploaded to the “Review” section in your profile, as shown below. We can refer to these as Private or Profile Reviews.

Last week, some members had uploaded Private Reviews to the Review section of their profile. However, the link they used for the review did not correspond with the platforms that are available to choose from:

This meant that all of their Private Reviews were invalid. For example, someone may have selected “” as their platform, but entered a YouTube link. The system has been updated, so it’s no longer possible to enter a review link that does not align with the platform you’ve chosen.

Also, as stated in the table of “How to Earn Points/Notes”, there are a few other rules for uploading reviews in your profile:


As you can see, it’s harder to earn on these Private Reviews, but it does mean that as soon as you purchase a product you can get something back by simply reviewing it on one of the platforms we’ve made available to you.

A few questions from me:

  • I’ve seen something interesting developing on the Soundcore Collective, which is very different to the Anker Community. Here, you guys can leave Private Reviews in the “Review” tab of your profile and earn Notes on that, which is, in some ways, similar to earning money because it leads to coupons, i.e. discounts off products (awesome right?). We all know that now, and that’s partially what we’ve just discussed. BUT, besides that, I’ve seen the Gallery morphing into a place for Public Reviews. On the Anker Community, those Public Reviews are left in the forum area (the equivalent of our Conversations area). I actually like the idea of making the Gallery THE area for these Public Reviews. This way when you guys go there, it’ll be to see cool images, cool videos and Collective member feedback on those particular products. To me it seems to be a better fit than leaving Public Reviews in our Conversation area. What do you think?
  • Besides the options we’ve made available to you for places you can leave reviews, are there other websites you also think we should add in?
  • What are your thoughts on the current system? How would you improve it? What would you change?

I also like the idea of using the Gallery as the review area. Everyone likes seeing pictures and the Gallery helps discourage text-only reviews.

As far as review platform options, would you consider adding “Personal Blog”? It would help those of us that have our own website. :smile:


Another +1 on using the Gallery for photo and video reviews (though for big written/photo reviews using the conversation area would probably be a better option if allowed)…

Now I’m even more confused… why can’t you submit a profile review of ANY LINK as long as it satisfies the requirements? (within 3 days, etc.)

Definitely add YouTube…

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I didn’t get the second point in this. What do you mean by “cannot be more than 3 days old”?

I think that’s a great idea, to use the Gallery section as the public review area. I find myself skipping over reviews that are posted in the typical conversation areas. I think that the Gallery section has the added bonus of showcasing interesting product photos that may draw in more users to read the subsequent reviews. Great idea!

I post my reviews on Instagram. Hmmm…

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Ergh, I just Made a review to post on my personal blog. Now I can’t post it…

This is extremely disappointing @Loz. The only place my review can be posted on is amazon (only site that sells it- not even Since I can’t post reviews on Amazon (who can these days) I can’t post my review at all.

You should seriously consider allowing personal blog sites…

While I haven’t got a new product to review yet, I can see where frustration comes in for those who run their own blog or even we site that is not currently available to them. Not everyone uses the same medium for reviews, so opening it up to allow other sites would be a good thing.

I do like the use of the Gallery for general reviews and photos, I love seeing pictures more than words at times.

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There’s literally not even a spot I can post my review since Ace A0 is not available on any site except amazon, which I’m not approved for.

It’s not even on soundcore!

Add my vote in for adding it to the gallery section. I’ve been holding off on submitting some until this came out, so thank you @Loz for the clarification.

Hope I don’t upset @Loz with continous posts

Here is my post where I mentioned of these limitations,

I won the Soundcore Icon Mini on Anker community auction. does not allow reviews written and pulls them from Amazon. I cannot write anything on Amazon because it is against the policy and I may be banned. So I wrote a new review on Soundcore Collective conversation. Pasted the link to Profile Review.

How am I supposed to write reviews if these are not bought and won in contests. I am not a Youtube kind of person posting video ( though I have some) and use my personal Blog ( with Twitter and Instagram.

If this is the case - then Icon mini will be the last review I wrote on Soundcore Collective

Will simply stick to Gallery for pic uploads … easy on me … pic from iPhone and upload.

I would like that one too, but I think it probably makes it harder for them to validate the review as being on a legitimate source. I got around that last week by posting a link to my blog in a discussion then posting that discussion under “” as my review link. Just to make sure I added 100 words and some images to the link post, so it’s not just a link to my blog.

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Needs to be opened up to personal blogs and other sites.

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The reviews must have been uploaded to the platform you’ve chosen less than 3 days ago.

Thanks for all the feedback! We’ll review and keep you in the loop on any changes we make.

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Instagram should definitely be allowed.

These days, it’s either insta or utube.

Thing is @Loz, want us to review it or not? If you do want us to review stuff, then you HAVE to open it up.

Amazon, Instagram, soundcore, YouTube, Facebook, are the main places, to not allow any of these is like saying… we don’t care if ya do or don’t!

At the end of the day, were doing YOU a favour, leaving reviews. It’s pushing the brand

3 days is too short also.
If posted on insta on Friday, under your rules, it HAS to be posted Sunday! Wtf people often have the weekend off. I think you should allow a week. Remember, we’re moving soundcore free advertising!

Agreed, obviously they don’t want recycled reviews from 6 months ago but I think allowing reviews from at least the past 7-10 days would be fair…

I use my own personal site for all reviews and then create a secondary summarized reviews for the community with links to the full review. I would like to see the option for adding personal links.