How to get Microsoft Office 365 for free

You can work online for free and save to cloud.

IMHO it isn’t worth the bother since you can get free apps that are just as good. :man_shrugging:

This is more useful for the desktop/laptop users… while you can use apps for mobile/tablets

On desktop you can use LibreOffice / Open365

A lesser known fact – Office 365 also provides downloadable installation software (similar to the regular office installers) for Windows and Mac, with activation tied to the Cloud.

True, if you are using Linux, not sure Windows has those apps :thinking:

Haha yes they are on windows lol

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Great, never tried them… nope I was wrong… tried open office may be 10 years ago.

Been using the free version for a while dont like it. I find myself using older office packages on my older computers since they are full featured

We use the paid version at work and I like it. If you can find a deal on it. That’s what I would do.

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Windows absolutely has access to LibreOffice. It is available on all the major platforms (windows, mac, linux), and works well unless you have certain compatibility needs for dealing with a customer as our business often does.

Open365 is cross platform as well, but can’t say as much since I haven’t used it.

For work I have office, but I wouldn’t pay for it for personal use. My family basically all uses google docs and sheets for school and personal. All the features we need, easy to share and collaborate, and no separate software install. I just had a computer hard drive get corrupted on the mac laptop my kids all use (no idea how), but after a fast clean OS reinstall and adding Chrome I was done with everything they needed.

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Glad now I know :wink:

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