How to get support

Some tips for new users to get support

Use Search Firstimage

Top right corner is the search icon, use it, make a few educated guesses of what others would have written, and scroll down and read a few threads.

Reply in the best matching thread. Rarely, if you’re the first to experience that specific issue, begin a new thread. This is so the fix eventually replied in the thread is more easily found by others later.

Be verbose

In the title name the product and then a couple of words of the issue.

Then in the body, put a full description of exactly your problem.

Good example:
Subject: Liberty Air 2 right bud quiet
Body: Had my buds for 3 months and worked fine and today the right bud went quiet

Bad Example:
Subject: help soundcore not working
Body: my speaker doesn’t work. Help please.

Consider taking photos and/or a video to share to help explain to help others understand.

Say what you’ve tried already

To avoid you being told to do what you’ve already done, list all the things you’ve already tried.

Wait (at least a day)

If your product is newly released, you may be the first or very early in finding the issue (say needs a firmware upgrade) so allow time.

Don’t bomb multiple threads

Just reply to one best thread, it makes what you wrote stand out and and focuses the reply in one thread.

Common fixes

  • The single most common recommendation for bluetooth paired devices is to reset everything. So delete your pairing, uninstall any app, reboot your device, reset the Soundcore product (search for its reset instructions). So you should always try this first.
  • Check for firmware upgrades

Contact support

This community is a community of peers, it is not the official support location, so you’re reliant on goodwill of owners of the same product who know of a fix. Sometimes a problem is new, particularly for recently released products, so if you don’t get a reply from the peer, it has to go to official support.

Support tends to not work weekends, so if a Friday you have to wait til Monday. Typical weekday response time is within 24 hours. Wait at least that long.

In email to you need to include

  • product serial number, often on the packaging, or printed in tiny letters and numbers on the product.
  • proof of purchase
  • description of fault
  • what you’ve attempted so far to fix. Often this accelerates time til reply as it bypasses you being told “have you tried…”.

Don’t vent

As this is mostly Soundcore fans, you are actively lowering your chances of getting help if you just vent. Frustration doesn’t fix anything.

Seller’s Platform rules

Certain seller platforms do not offer free return, and replacement is requiring the unit to be shipped back at your cost. This can result in you feeling frustrated “product doesn’t work, I can only get a partial refund”. Be aware of this at time of purchase, not afterwards.


One thing could be added.
If possible you can create a video.
This helps sometimes.

really great thread. I think many people that come here for help don’t realize that this is just a community of people who love soundcore and Anker products and that we aren’t an official tech support for the company. Searching and naming the product that’s having the issue really are the two biggest things in my opinion

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Nice thread. Very helpful

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Good thread and should help some users out…

But I’ve seen these types of posts on other message boards and Facebook help groups and they still get people that won’t read the mandatory new user threads or still do the opposite of the requested.

Yes aware of that.


There’s a type of user who wants instant free solution to their unstated issue, so good to paste the top message to them.

Peer support is bidirectional.

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on one of the Facebook groups I’m on, the admin has a meme he posts when he gets those types :slight_smile:

Great article, hoping that it gets pinned…

But counter to that, support items should also be posted / moved to support…

Right now thy are rather Helter skelter…

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