How to Setup Logitech Harmony with the Soundcore Infini Pro

Hey everyone!

I recently posted a video on how to setup the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote System for the Soundcore Infini Pro. The Infini Pro is not in Harmony’s database so you actually have to add everything manually. The process will work for other devices not in their database as well.

The video can be found here!

If you haven’t checked out my review video on the Soundcore Infini Pro it can be found here as well as my written review here.

Have a great day everyone!

Side Note - There is no tag for the Infini or Infini Pro


Great Video and Written content @TheBeardedTechGuy :ok_hand:

Thanks for sharing it… saw the video and link now :+1:

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Well timed video. I am going to be trying to do the same thing with my harmony and infini, so this should help.

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Got it in my feed a few hours ago :rofl:

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Nice! Thanks for sharing the video. This will be a great piece of info for other users.

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Not sure if you meant Twitter feed… Had shared it first thing I saw it :grin:

Nope, YouTube feed.

I missed that, I don’t login to Youtube at all… and think I go to YouTube only through links from Anker / Soundcore Communities