How to Solve Common Issues with True Wireless Earbuds

We all use true wireless earbuds in our daily lives and while they sound awesome and are super convenient, sometimes you find yourself in an unexpected situation which needs solving ASAP! So, here’s some helpful tips to solve common issues you may encounter:

How to Replace Lost or Damaged Soundcore Components

We’ve all been there, you forget to pick up a charging case when leaving a coffee shop or an ear tip mysteriously vanishes one day… And then you can’t listen to music like you want to!

If you’ve lost or damaged your charging case, ear tips, ear wings, ear cushions, charging cable, AUX cable, or travel case, you can contact Soundcore Customer Support via email, call, or live chat to see if the item is in stock. If it’s available, you can choose to purchase a replacement.

This is what it costs to purchase each of the following replacement items:

  • $3 per pair of ear tips, ear wings, or ear hooks

  • $5 per pouch, bag, charging cable, or AUX cable

  • $8-10 per travel case or ear cushion for over-ear headphones

  • $10 per mic for G1/G3 gaming headphones

  • 30% of the original (non-discounted) product MSRP in USD for a replacement charging case

The shipping cost for these items is as followed:

US - $3.50

UK - $15.50

CA - $13.50

(All prices are in US Dollars)

Unfortunately, if you’ve lost a single Soundcore earbud, it cannot be replaced. This is because the earbuds are not designed to be paired with additional earbuds, so even if a replacement were available, it would not pair with your remaining earbud.

How to Fix the Most Common Issues with True Wireless Earbuds

Here’s some easy ways to get the music playing again!

Your True Wireless Earbuds Won’t Pair with Your Device

Step1: Go to your device’s Bluetooth menu and delete the pairing record for the true wireless earbuds, then turn off Bluetooth.

Step 2: Reset your true wireless earbuds. Follow the instructions for your specific model, which you can find in its quick start guide, in the FAQ section on the product page, or on the Soundcore YouTube channel.

Step 3: Turn on your device’s Bluetooth again, search for your true wireless earbuds, and pair.

You could also:

  • Test your true wireless earbuds with a different device to check if the problem is caused by compatibility issues.
  • Ensure there are no physical objects hindering the Bluetooth connection.

There’s a Problem with Your True Wireless Earbuds’ Sound

Try cleaning your true wireless earbuds. Simply remove the ear tips and use an alcohol wipe to clean away debris that may have built up on them.

Or, follow the steps in “Your True Wireless Earbuds Won’t Pair with Your Device” to reset and re-pair your true wireless earbuds.

There’s a Problem with Your True Wireless Earbuds’ Microphone

Here’s some things you can try:

  • Fully charge your true wireless earbuds.

  • Follow the steps in “Your True Wireless Earbuds Won’t Pair with Your Device” to reset and re-pair your true wireless earbuds.

  • Make sure you choose your true wireless earbuds as the audio source when answering a call via your phone instead of via your true wireless earbuds.

  • Go to a quiet place and make a standard phone call (not using an app, VoIP, Messenger, etc.) to see if it makes any difference.

  • Test your true wireless earbuds with a different device to check if the problem is caused by compatibility issues.

  • If your true wireless earbuds support the Soundcore app, check that you’re using the latest firmware version, then check the microphone again.

How to Update Firmware

Note: Only true wireless earbuds which support the Soundcore app have the ability to upgrade their firmware version.

Before you start, make sure that:

  • Your true wireless earbuds have enough power (over 20%)
  • Make sure that the left and right earbuds are connected to the Soundcore app
  • Do not use your true wireless earbuds during the firmware update process
  • Keep the true wireless earbuds in their charging case and ensure the case lid is open

Follow the instructions on the Soundcore app and check out the “How to Update Firmware” for your specific model on the Soundcore YouTube Channel.

How to Contact Soundcore Customer Support

You can email or go to for all the relevant phone numbers and live chat.


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@Hannah A great thread that answers many questions and doubts :clap:.
We finally know about the possibility of buying the missing elements, e.g. a case, and we know the purchase price.
Thanks for preparing the whole set of answers - this is very helpful for me and for people asking for help in the community :+1:t2:.

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I think the replacement parts section is awesome. I enjoy the knowing that you can buy those at a decent price or that you can even buy them for that matter. The ear cushions are about on par in price with a pair that I got about a year ago for a repair job on some old Beats solo.

The 30 percent for the charging case is good as well. The pair that I got from the contest at the beginning of the community has had an issue with charging after about six month. It does not keep the case charge long.

If I decide to get a new Liberty 2 Pro case, I will wait until the Pro + comes out as the Pros should decrease in price as well. I figure the Pro may go down to about 99. That would be 30 dollars instead of 45 and would be a 15 dollar saving.

Thank you @Hannah. A nice thread that was very informative.

Good write up for Soundcore products, answering most of common issues faced by users.

Great work @Hannah :clap:

Your charging case for Liberty 2 Pro broke after just 6 months :astonished: !?
Hmm, I thought it would have a longer life …
Just to be sure, I will ask: The charging case is not a complete set with two earbuds? Can you replace them without any problems and will the old earbuds work together with the new case?

This helps a lot thanks for the information @Hannah. I wish I could get a new charging case for my Liberty Air 2 Pros. I can’t find it.

The case will work but it does not get a full 27 hours out the case n headphones once fully charged. It may get about half that or less…I been using other buds lately.

@Duane_Lester OK I understand.
It is a pity that the battery capacity has decreased so quickly in the charging case.

Now what I am surprised with is that I think the updated ones are only 129 and the original are still showing as 149. :thinking:

@Duane_Lester The opposite is true for us (price without promotion):
Liberty 2 Pro: € 129
Liberty 2 Pro +: € 149.

Prices deliberately fluctuate to give an illusion of a deal. Patience.


This is exciting to see, however I too am skeptical about the use of the search function or desire of many to check an faq…

Prices seem quite reasonable for replacement parts, thx!

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