How to stop the connection between two Soundcore Motion + speakers?

I paired mine with my brothers just to test out how it is paired but now we can’t get the speakers to stop playing together. Whenever I listen to music, at times it will disconnect his speaker from his phone and play mine. Any help?

You could try resetting it:
How do I reset Motion+?
Hold the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons down at the same time for 5-10 seconds until Motion+ restarts.

I own 2 Motion Booms. This is how you un-pair those:
I turned them both on when they were close to each other and they automatically paired (I already had them paired and each time I turn them on when they are in vicinity of each other they automatically repair - I like that feature personally). To un-pair them I held down both TWS buttons for 5 seconds or so and that unpaired them.

I think that should work for the Motion + as well. Good luck!

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I think for some reason it was that when you disconnect the 1st speaker from the device.

But for a better explanation you at this thread that I did a search on that provides a similar issue as of your issue.

@Allan86 Normally, the speaker will auto-connect the last device you paired before. Regarding your issue, please try resetting the two Motion+ speakers by holding the Bluetooth and Volume+ button at the same time for 5-10S until the Motion+ is restarted.