How to switch Noise Cancellation ON on Liberty 3 Pro while using them with Macbook?

How to switch Noise Cancellation ON on Liberty 3 Pro while using them with Macbook?
I know that on the phone’s app I can do this but how to do this on Macbook, there is no Soundcore app for Mac OS.

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I don’t own these buds nor a MAC but as a wild guess:

  • these buds support Multipoint so you can connect to them from your phone and the MAC concurrently, the phone to control, the MAC for media.
  • pair with your phone, do any upgrades, then turn phone bluetooth off, put buds back in case, wait, out of case, they’ll then be in pairing mode as the phone is not connected.
  • pair with MAC, connect.
  • If this works now turn phone bluetooth on, it should connect, then use app to control the buds.

Reasons to think this won’t work as the Soundcore version of multipoint is finnicky and you may find the fact the phone is connected may make the MAC connection not work. A degree of trial’n’errror of sequence of connecting may be needed. e.g. make the phone connection for calls only not media, and use the MAC for headphone not headset.

If you do get it to work, then write the method up for the next person.

I have a laptop and Q30 and if I connect to laptop first then my phone then I can use the phone app to control but I have to connect to laptop first for it to work. I control what connects first by turning bluetooth off of what I want to connect 2nd, connect to 1st device, enable bluetooth of 2nd device and it all works.

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I am NOT using the Liberty 3 Pro but rather the Life Note 3. On the Life Note 3, you do NOT need to run the Soundcore App to enable/disable noise cancellation (NC). This ability is easily toggled by tapping/holding either the left or right earbud where the touch control is located for 3 seconds. This is hard-coded as the default “single tap & hold” control on the earbuds. The “single tap & hold” is an on/off toggle. If NC is off, the “single tap & hold” will toggle it ON with a higher audible tone. If NC is ON, the “single tap & hold” will toggle it OFF with a lower audible tone.

As mentioned, no app is required because of this. However, without the app, you will not have the ability to use any of the EQ features or any of the other features that require the app to use.

This was tested just now on an M1 MacBook Air (running macOS Monterey 12.3) and Soundcore Life Note 3 earbuds.

Hopefully, your Liberty 3 Pro posses the same ability as the Life Note 3 far as the noise cancellation toggle goes.

EDIT: From the Liberty 3 Pro manual:

“Switch ambient sound modes (HearID / Transparency / Normal*): Press and hold for 2 secs (L/R) *You can add “Normal” in the Soundcore app”.

This tells me that you can natively (no Soundcore App required) toggle between HearID and transparency using “press and hold”


On mine you hold down either the Left or Right Touch Pad for 2 seconds to switch Sound Modes.


Should be able to program them to how you want them to behave

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Thanks for the tip @Steve976. I just changed the setup on mine to allow me to switch sound modes using left touch for 2 seconds (currently using right touch for voice control).

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