How to use soundcore headphones

Hi I need help on how to use the sound core headphones

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Could you provide more details about your problem. Model of your headphones would help as well.

You should give us more information what you really want to know.
Otherwise a simple answer :
Put these on or in your ears! (kidding) :grinning:

I don’t know what kind of headphones you have, but if you have the very popular Life Q30, this video may help you :slightly_smiling_face::

With BT everywhere it is a little hard to understand why someone does not know how to use headphones with BT. With a recent spammer on Anker, it makes one suspicious of this kind of question. We are willing to help but need additional info if help is really needed

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More information is needed. Basically you pair them with a Bluetooth source and press play on the player of that source.

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Hi thankyou my son did it for me …lol x