How was your blackfriday haul?

Well now you have to elaborate on this fun stuff you speak of.

We already have an instant pot. But got the bigger 8qt model on sale, I’ve heard it really helps with cooking for a big family.

Awww, thanks @TechMan!! You didn’t have to get me anything!! Ha ha!! :wink:

Lol well I guess fun isn’t the right word… Well it was fun when I set it up and it worked.

  • I have mostly all closet lights turn on when doors are opened and off when closed. This includes double sliding closet doors (either door will trigger it).
  • I have entrance way lights turn on when a door is opened but only based on the sunset and sunrise.
  • I have windows interact with HVAC so if they are open for period of time HVAC turns off.
  • Also heard of people using them in mailboxes, but too cold where I live for that. lol
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Overall… Black Friday and today Cyber Monday look pretty stale… nothing great :worried:

I have wyzecam, using it for a while and liked it for the pricing and what it does. May get the sensor kit some time in the future to similar stuff you have been doing. More automation :laughing:

If you think you’ll end up really getting into automation I would stay away from the wyze / amazon smartplug / etc. types of ecosystems. They are very limited with what they can do, and don’t usually play well with others.

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I need to start somewhere and they are cheap!

I absolutely agree… but too late… :frowning: I was researching into this yesterday for automation… , already ordered couple of Wyzecams Black

They aren’t bad to get your feet wet but I wouldnt go and outfit all your windows and doors with them. At that point you should be looking into a Z-Wave Plus or Zigbee system (Z-Wave plus seems to be better at this point).

I hate how home automotion has been ‘in progress’ for years, and there still isn’t one protocol where I can tell people, this is the one to use. VHS vs beta didn’t take this long.

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I mean… It’s Z-Wave Plus. I only suggested zigbee as an option to not upset anyone. lol

I use both in my home just fine and they work fine, but I haven’t bought a zigbee device outside of the smartthings devices I buy when they go on super duper sale in years.

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It just got more complicated, since I didn’t realize there was a plus version, and that even the guy who says it is the best will still buy the other one if the price is right… And one of the two uses different frequencies in Europe vs US, so it doesn’t even get a truly global market.

Z-Wave Plus is backwards compatible with Z-Wave you just won’t see the full benefits of Z-Wave plus. My house has both right now and I will be moving to plus when the older devices finally stop working. This is no different than having a Wireless N or Wireless AC router and still having A/B/G/N devices on it. You’re overall not going to see the full benefit because of the older devices but you still gain advantages and everything can work together. I don’t really see either going away anytime soon, Z-Wave is just a better feature option where as the price point of Zigbee can make sense for some and why I run both.

Zigbee and Z-Wave / Plus can coexist in the same environment just fine. Zigbee is shorter distance, has a more limited product scope, and isn’t as efficient with battery usage, this is why Z-Wave Plus is better. With that said, for buttons, door sensors, and water leak sensors if i can get zigbee sensors for $10 compared to $20ish depending I’m going to pick those as I have both a Zigbee and a Z-wave Plus mesh in my home already. There are better car manufactures out there but I still own a Kia, a good deal is a good deal lol.

The different frequencies is just how the wireless spectrum is regulated. There are different regions for the Eufy camera stuff for example because of this. If the world just let the USA take over everything, this wouldn’t be a problem. :slight_smile:

I actually understand most of that. Electrical engineer here. But it feels like there should be a better way.
I refer you to xkcd.

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That is a quality meme :ok_hand: