I absolutely love the liberty air 2 pros! There uncomfortable to sleep with but I'm getting used to them lol


Do like the 2 pros too but sleep is not the best with them. I have fell asleep with the Spirit dots as they fit in the ear and even has it on the comparisons of other buds on their Amazon link.

You should do a longer review about the likes or dislikes as it always to good to get different perspectives. (maybe include a few extra pics if you do. :wink: Welcome to the community as well.

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Good to hear, and as Duane mentioned , welcome!

Would be cool to hear some thoughts after you’ve had them for a bit.

I never would sleep with those earbuds.
You could lose them and they are disappearing somewhere in the orcus.
Other scenery is you lose them and swallow. :grin:

Well… I guess those aren’t made for sleeping :rofl:

I’m glad you like them. I like them too, however I don’t sleep with Earbuds in my ears.

Hmm, if someone prefers lullabies to fall asleep. :grin:

I wouldn’t be trying to wear earbuds while sleeping. I can barely rest my head on it’s side while wearing them without it causing discomfort, but each to their own.