I am unable to stereo connect 2 Soundcore Trance

I was told this would happen automatically… but it doesn’t.

Can someone tell me how to do this? Exact steps, please.

I can connect either speaker via bluetooth to my phone or tablet… But I can not get them to both work at the same time… And I bought the 2nd just for that reason.


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Make sure one speaker is connected to your phone or device first.
Then press and hold the Bluetooth button on both trance speakers for 2 seconds then you should see the light flash white twice meaning it is looking for each other, once it goes steady white they are connected.

You have to set the connection up the first time then after that they should connect automatically once they are both turned on.


If nothing works try and contact service@soundcore.com

Thanks… I guess that’s what I have to do. Would much prefer a phone number… but email will have to do.

No dice, they go to flashing blue but nothing ever happens after that. Thanks for the suggestion

Try just a single press if you can get the light to go white they will connect.