I am waiting for my Exchange Notes (Giveaways Tickets) since about 1 year

I was writing to different admins to get this problems solved since September 2021
I was promised by them to repair this bug.

I was told it could be done only by a “programmer”?
I was told this “programmer” will do asap.

I was told this very often.
Too often,

But what happend : NOTHING

If they dont want me to take part here any more.
Maybe I should leave that place.

Its not because I am greedy for these points.
If I would, I could create"cut&paste"- threads by copying articles from magazines.
Other can do of course.

No, its really not because I “need” points to get something for free.
Its because of this treatment.


Though I was promised by @Vanessa_W to fix my lost Giveaway-Tickets.
Nothing happens.
Meanwhile I am used to get a promise, without any result.

Really seems that there is no more need of my participation here.
So I will stop.
I was never a “point farmer”, creating “threads” only by cut&paste articles from magazines.
But if there is a real need to fill the forum with those, its not my place.

Of course others may be interested in reading such ones.

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Hi @Chiquinho,

I’ve gone back to manually search through all the articles to add up all your Tickets you’d be owed and sorry you’ve had a year long problem. Our IT team have manually back-dated them on their end (it took so long because we needed approvals).

The team are trying to look into why problems are showing are on your account (and others) but they are stumped as the fixes they’ve tried still hasn’t helped.

But we appreciate your patience and sticking by us. We hope to improve the system to make the Community a better place for everyone.



My friend @Chiquinho
Please do not leave us. Your participation here is completely refreshing. I love your pictures, wide range in music, love of classical music and thoughts on multiple music topics. Your help of people in multiple languages is thoughtful and caring. I know it is not the same as you for it is just this month alone but if it helps to know, I have won two photos and member of the week and still have no points or notes for them. To me it’s not about the points it’s about spending time together sharing thoughts on music, expanding knowledge, seeing different points of view with a group of people from all around the world with a common link, Soundcore products. Look just recently we all got to go to Sicily with Craig, we took walks in the woods all around the world, this week we are getting to drive in many cars ( well if anyone posts pictures that is hint hint) . You are wanted and needed here

Your friend,
Carol Ann aka Cazzy


A miracle happened.
I am a rich man now!
All points showed up.

Thank you @Vanessa_W :smile:


Great news! A miracle indeed ::smiley:


Mr. Money bags with tickets and notes to spare…


I haven’t received any giveaway tickets for a while they never seem to add them at the first of the month, plus it hasn’t helped that it seems that Soundcore adds new people every couple of months to be over the community so things have slipped by.

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Believe the ticket issue is for most of us active/semi active folks but I have not paid too much attention as much lately and have some missing as well.

@Vanessa_W, the truth is I think the issue may be related to why we are getting the gateway, 504 error, and duplicate comments n such for the last several months… from my perspective

There is a lag in the comments being created to the forum. Most times at 8 sec you get a timeout or 504 error. If you wait 15 seconds then it will usually post.

I figure that this lag may affect how the admins post the tickets or points maybe…

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And that’s the reason I was upset.
I know that there can be done something to improve the server performance.
(To avoid those XXX errors etc)
I know its easy to eliminate those bugs.
But it has to be done.

The administration of the ticket/point account is done by algos automatically.
There should be no need of the admins to care about.,
If so, this algo is faulty, so please dear programmers take a look and care about
Those works can be done by a student in the very first course (JAVA-script) :smile:

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Glad to hear @Chiquinho congrats!

Snap, one of the main reasons I’m not so active as I once was…

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I try to create a little bit more intellectual threads.
I try it.
But I don’t know there are forumners who like this
Cut&paste is boring, though you will get “rich”! :laughing:

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Unfortunately I am not so good at creative posting, conversation yes but posting no. I tried asking people what type of music do you listen to? Posted my wake up music, getting pumped up for big projects, fall asleep etc but very little replys yet cut and paste facts and articles get replys . Perhaps because I am newer but alas this is my findings