I can enable LDAC on my liberty air 2 pro by upgrading firmware

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I just got this earbud. It was said this stuff supports LDAC, but I was not able to find any related option within the soundcore android app.
What am I supposed to do to enable LDAC or it does not support LDAC?
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6.18 add:

Download latest soundcore app 2.7.1 from app store from China.
Then you can upgrade to latest firmware to enable LDAC

6.19 add how-to:

at first I used 2.7.1 app downloaded from Play store, no fw update available either.
After guided by customer service, I uninstalled the one from Play store.
Then downloaded an app store for China called "应用宝”
With the help of this 应用宝, I reinstalled soundcore app, upgraded fw, enabled LDAC.

应用宝 is an app store by Tencent. I also found direct link for 2.7.1, but I am not sure whether there is any difference between this and the one from 应用宝。
the direct link for 2.7.1 is


The LA2P doesn’t have LDAC as one of it’s Codec’s. The only Soundcore Device that I’m aware of that supports LDAC is the Q35 Headphones (The Q35 also have an Offline version that supports LDAC).

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Please link to where you read this.

We should nuke bad information at source to stop others’ same mistake.

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Well, I bought it form jd. com here in China. I am going to check with customer service as the promotion material says it supports LDAC


Thanks for the information. I bought it online here in China. I just checked and found it was said the earbud can enable LDAC by upgrading via the official APP. Maybe it is a feature to be released? I am going to follow up.

Interesting. I’d be interested in what you find out.

Here is the link, I hope you can understand a little bit Chinese with the help of online translation.

I’d be skeptical about this,

  1. This is the 1st I’ve heard af LDAC on the LA2P and I own them with the latest Firmware.
  2. If this is true, why wouldn’t Soundcore be advertising it? It would be a selling point.
  3. I’m not entirely sure LDAC can be added via a Firmware update.

Seems farfetched to me. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just highly unlikely.

Their online store says:
The LDAC mode needs to be opened after opening the upgrade channel through the APP. Please refer to the official media account notification or contact customer service for the upgrade time. You can choose to turn it on or off according to your personal preference.

That literally means the earbud supports LDAC coding.

I have reached the customer service, but the staff has no idea about this feature.

I would be sceptical as well, as said by @Steve976 .
Adding LDAC (the Hardware requirements need to be there in the earphones and cannot simply be put in there through a Firmware update)

I also have the LA2P with latest firmware with no LDAC support, only AAC.


It turned out I was wrong. Finally I managed to enable LDAC

Well Anker isn’t saying that here in the USA or anywhere else that I know of. No-one other than you has said it here on the forum. What I’m getting at is it Anker making the false promotion or is it the store (if it’s false)? Anker has nothing to gain by lying to their customers and everything to lose.

Even without translating, you’re correct, it’s in this image, there is the LDAC written in same image as LA2P product, so it’s no copy/paste error , not a bad listing, it’s deliberate combination of product+feature.

I don’t own these buds, but if someone generically said how to get LDAC I’d nose around in:

  • settings, Developer Mode.
  • look for something looking this.

You say it mentions in the app, well if that’s true then ensure the buds have been firmware updated (automatically it should say) and then nose around in the settings for LDAC enablement.

The fact it is in the image implies it does support LDAC and none of us knew!

That reads as a future upgrade?

Yes, I am following up and will keep you posted if there is any update.

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It’s true. Please check OP

Wow that’s strange for sure. It’s either false advertising or it’s hinting at what’s to come. I don’t think ldac is something that could simply be added in a firmware update but I could be wrong about that

Please check OP, right now I am enjoying LDAX

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I’m running Ver 2.7.1 On the Soundcore App. I checked and no update is available for me for the LA2P. What firmware version did you update to on the LA2P?
Edit I see your running 05.63., I’m on 03.62 and it says I’m up to date. This is strange.

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Thanks for sharing, I checked with the european version of soundcore app 2.7.1. No Firmware update is available for the LA2P :frowning:

You mentioned the chinese app store ist it Iphone or android based? Can you share link?

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