I can enable LDAC on my liberty air 2 pro by upgrading firmware

@Steve976, seems that we were trying this in parallel :slight_smile: unfortunately it does not work for both of us.

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I also checked with the same results - No update available. It says I’m up to date with 03.62

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yes you are right, I´m as well on 03.62 . Jumping to the 05.6 version would be a very tough increase of firmware numbering. Either this is true and it works out of the box also for old LA2P or only for the latest ones with updated hardware…

Anyway it would be very cool if anker is able to add LDAC to “old” LA2P Hardware.

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So either this is a China only hardware version, or it’s an early release of software only in China.

What’s the product code and hardware version on the packaging? Is this an undocumented China only version?

Photos help of the packaging.

It will be pretty interesting to see what is stated about the LDAC and LA2P.

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at first I used 2.7.1 app downloaded from Play store, no fw update available either.
After guided by customer service, I uninstalled the one from Play store.
Then downloaded an app store for China called "应用宝”
With the help of this 应用宝, I reinstalled soundcore app, upgraded fw, enabled LDAC.

应用宝 is an app store by Tencent. I also found direct link for 2.7.1, but I am not sure whether there is any difference between this and the one from 应用宝。
the direct link for 2.7.1 is


Check OP please, it’s for Android

seems no special stuff in package

Interesting. How well does that work for you?

The side with bar code says hardware number. Also on the charging case.

Looking for signs it’s a different hardware version which means only those with same can get LDAC. If not then it’s software change all others can get theoretically if Soundcore wanted to.

The pictures you show does back up what we all what we all thought - no mention of LDAC anywhere in case, only SBC and AAC.

Now you’ve got it enabled, any idea how much different it sounds? Have you fixed it to 999 LDAC in Developer mode settings, away from the default of LDAC Auto? If so, how is the bluetooth distance like relative to SBC/AAC and accepting you’ve just recently figured this out and enabled, any sign yet of how it impacts battery life?

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I am not very sure about what you are saying.
the distance seems like that when AAC enabled, but the battery reduction becomes obvious.

You can try the app I posted in OP and try to upgrade the fr to enable LDAC. When it is enabled, it becomes an option and can be turned either on or off.
Maybe it is a firmware based feature.
Good luck.
By far this the best affordable Bluetooth earbuds ever own, especially when LDAC is enabled

By far the best affordable earbuds for me.

LDAC is not necessarily better, as it only is better at much higher bitrates, which then drains battery more and cuts out audio more at further distance.

If you want to test, go to Settings, Developer, Bluetooth codec and see what it shows, see if you can set for 990Kbps?

So it is not just a question of does it support LDAC, but how well it does it.

A small in-ear product designed for LDAC has to pay attention to the antenna, battery, and figures quoted for battery should state what it is for LDAC. Much less of an issue for over-ear as bigger battery and plenty of room for a large antenna held further off the body.

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I can set it for 990Kbps, I have no idea whether the setting can be persistent.
This is the first time I use a LDAC earbuds, it sounds better than AAC.

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Is your set bought from china?

Yes. It costed me around $110

Any measurements yet?

I have not yet done any scientific measurements or comparison as I have little chance of using up the battery to do a full cycle charge.
But I estimate that there is probably at least a 20% increase in the battery consumption rate after LDAC is enabled.
Under LDAC mode, the battery down to 80% from 100% takes 1 hour.
Under normal AAC mode, it takes almost up to 1.5 hours.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for that initial estimate.

Ensure the Developer Mode settings have changed from LDAC auto to LDAC 990 when testing battery. Reading around it seems battery life estimates may be letting the buds go down to LDAC 330. So does need someone to do a more thorough test at some point. Not necessarily you, it’s quite an effort, but if this goes rolling out to everyone, so more have it, then it’s just an area to test.

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Sorry for keeping you waiting. I’m happy to announce that LDAC will be available on Liberty Air 2 Pro worldwide from the first week of September onwards. Keep an eye out for updates on our website and here on the Collective.