I can't connect the 2 Anker Boost speakers

I can’t pair the two speakers

You need them both to be upgraded newer version with the TWS button under the rubber flap.

Which boost do you have? Are they both the upgraded model with USB C?

I have this button TWS.

Yes, They are all the same, with the USB C connection

So follow these instructions therefore

If it doesn’t work may be a good idea to reply that thread above to keep the discussion in fewer threads to make solution easier. A new thread makes it harder for everyone subsequent.

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I would switch off all of external bt sources first.

Then connect the two speakers by pressing these buttons

You can pair two upgraded version SoundCore Boostspeakers together per the steps below to create stereo sound:

  1. Press the TWS button
    2.The TWS indicator light(Whiter under power button) will flash white, indicating the two speakers are in pairing mode.

  2. You will hear a “tone” when the two speakers are paired together successfully. Normally, when the two Soundcore Boost speakers pair together successfully, the TWS indicator of the master speaker is Blue and the TWS indicator of the sub-speaker indicator is a solid white indicator.

Avoid having any electronic devices between the two speakers. Make sure the distance between the two speakers not greater than 5 meters / 16.4 feet.