I can't control Soundcore Life Q20 sound from Mac

Hi everyone,
Today my Q20 was arrived. I’ve connected to my macbook but I can’t control the sound except in the call. When I was in a meeting I’ve noticed sound controls started to working but after call it stopped to working.

Mac shows the volume bar and actually I can change the volume settings but no effect to the headphone. If I volume down to the mute, It mute the headphone. Then when I volume up just once sound becomes normal. I am still able to use the buttons on the headphone.

There isn’t any problem on my phone.

Edit: I’ve just noticed sound control is working while using Siri, weird :smiley:
So It seems sound control only works while I am using microfon :smiley:

Edit: I’ve noticed a couple of times it worked when I turn off bluetooth in my phone and connect to headphone from mac very quickly. Weird.

Macbook Pro 13 2019 MacOS Catalina 10.15.5


I have this issue too. Very dissapointing.

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You might want to check what device you’re controlling. Make sure it’s your bluetooth headphones. Not familiar with Macs but if you hover over the volume icon, you should be able to see.

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There are often two devices with a bluetooth headset connected to a computer - one is for calls (headset with mic) and one is for music (stereo sound). They use different profiles on the headset, it it should automatically switch depending on what you are doing. But you could be controlling the sound for the wrong one somehow.

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Yes I am controlling the correct device, thanks.

Yes when mic is in use it switches to lower quality and starts to working but when I finish the call It switches to higher quality and stops to working

Same issue as well

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Same issue here. I can’t control the volume of the Q20 with either my Mac or iPhone. This issue does not happen with other bluetooth headphones. What the hell?! Anyone have more on this issue?

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If I go into the Sound Prefs on the Mac and make sure Q20 is not set as the audio INput, then I can control the OUTput volume. Strange. Using the Q20 mic disables the volume controls on the Mac. Q20 Firmware issue? I don’t have this problem with other headphones…
Anybody else confirm this behavior?

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In my case If I select q20 as input device voice quality drops to terrible quality and I can control the sound. It happens on the other headphones as well. But the problem is I cant control in the high quality.
I talked to both Soundcore and Apple support, Soundcore says it works on other devices so It should be a mac problem and Apple says there might be problem with the device itself we will monitor the support requests and if there are really a big problem we might work on it and maybe release an update on that. So please everyone open a support on Apple and request an update about this.

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I and some others have seen problems here and on Anker community. Some problems have been Soundcore itself and usually is solved with a reset of your device. Others have been your bluetooth device itself and for windows pc/laptop, HP has been the most problematic and Dell has been the best ones and least problematic. Either ways this sure looks like an Apple problem so we should see how Apple solves this and related issues

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Seems depending of the built in bt/wifi card.
I dont know how many different manufacturers (and drivers) are around.
I think mostly INTEL are used and should work without issues.

When playing around with LINUX its always recommended to use older hardware.
(drivers are added to the kernel and work)

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Do you have a ticket # I can reference? I’m experiencing exactly the same thing.

yes its: 101109902947

When I had a mic problem on Spirit X, I let them know it’s not a rare problem with the newer batch of products they produce and provided a couple links to threads with similar problems across the product line. So I would suggest you guys provide link to this thread as well so they know it’s not a couple people with problems but quite a few